Advertising on Campus

Advertising on Campus

Student Organizations

Have an event or club meeting? Get the word out! The key to great turnout is advertising. Utilize SAE’s Advertising Resources to enhance your reach on campus.

Marketing Consultation

Looking for a fresh take or new ideas? Don’t know where to start? Meet with our Senior Student Coordinator for Publicity (e-mail SAE to contact our coordinator), to discuss your publicity strategy. Including steps to help build your brand, our student marketing consultant assists student clubs in learning how to successfully market themselves. Meetings cover both student group and event campaigns.


  • myUMW is the best place to begin promotions. Submit your event through myUMW and we will make sure it is added to the SAE Weekly. Have more questions about how to use myUMW for your event? Contact SAE

Paper Flyers

  • Create a flyer – The Copy Center is a great resource for all of your printing needs.
  • Post your flyer – Flyers may be posted on bulletin boards throughout the campus. All flyers need SAE approval. Before making copies, bring  flyer to SAE located on the 3rd floor in the University Center. Each flyer must have the event name, date, time, location, and needs specific contact information. Posting guidelines may be found here.

Social Media

SAE manages a wide range of social media networks in order to best publicize events on and off campus. Our goal is to connect students with organizations and inform the student body about happenings in their community.

Contact SAE Social Media accounts directly using the below usernames to spread the word! Including a picture increases engagement.

Twitter @SAEumw
Instagram @saeumw


  • Do you notice the TV screens all across campus? You can promote on them! Learn how by reading the EagleVision Overview.