Event Registration: Asian Cultural Celebration Keynote Performer Thai Nattasin DC

Event Registration - Asian Cultural Celebration Keynote: Thai Nattasin Dancers

Wednesday, Oct. 28 | 7 pm Thai Nattasin DC’s mission is to showcase the rich culture and history of Thailand through song and dance. Thai classical dance is very elegant, graceful, filled with brilliant colors and has a radiating presence. A great deal of symbolism is displayed in their complex and beautifully executed fingers and hands movements. Their performance will take you back 1500 years. As they travel back in time to celebrate Thailand’s 4 dynasties, the spectacular ornate costumes and jewelry will offer the audience a rare glimpse of the greatness and wonders that each dynasty had to offer during their reign, leading to the creation of the Kingdom of Thailand. Please use this form to register for an upcoming event through the James Farmer Multicultural Center.