Community Service Cord

To receive the Community Service cord, a student must complete at least 50 hours of community service in the Fredericksburg Area or on UMW sponsored trips while enrolled as a full time student. Hour served as part of an academic requirement or judicial sanction do not count towards this cord.

To check your involvement hours, please go to OrgSync and click your picture at the top right hand corner. Scroll down to the Involvement tab and click on it, this is where your hours will be located. Total your service hours separately from any other event attendance.

If you notice that you are missing service hours you completed, or you completed service outside of UMW programs but still in the Fredericksburg community, you may add these hours in manually.

All hours must be logged in OrgSync and the form must be completed by April 23rd. Tickets to go to the bookstore and purchase your grad cord will be available beginning April 16th. Please do not come to claim your ticket before April 16th.

To add hours:

  • Go to OrgSync
  • Click your picture at the top right hand corner and scroll down to the Involvement tab.
  • Click the green “Add Involvement Entry” button
  • Click “Event Participation”
  • For Organization, please select the appropriate organization OR All Eagles if you completed service outside of UMW programs.
  • Fill in:
    • Agency
    • Activity Name
    • Start Date
    • Total Hours
    • Reference Name
    • Contact Email OR Phone Number
  • If you have the Reference Title or Proof of Participation, please upload it, but it is not required.