Community Partners

Are you in search of our students as your newest volunteers?

(Of course you are! They are pretty fantastic after all.)

One Time Service Events             On-going Service Opportunities
  • Filling out these forms is not a guarantee that CHLS will be able to supply the volunteers you are requesting.
  • If you are looking to host an event at UMW, please contact The Office of Events and Conferencing at 540.654.1087

More about our programs and process for on-going service opportunities

COAR offers students a variety of group volunteer opportunities that happen on a weekly, or sometimes twice, weekly basis. Each program is led by one or two students. Those students have four responsibilities:

1. being the liaison between the community partner and the university

2. recruiting student volunteers

3. providing transportation by UMW van or carpool

4. logging volunteer hours on the UMW system, MyUMW

COAR offers two time frames per year in which new programs will be promoted. The first three weeks of each semester, COAR staff can do the following things to assist in creating a program:

– put together a slide with relevant information for the volunteer interest meeting we hold at the beginning of each semester

– schedule a university space for an interest meeting for potential volunteers

– assist in recruiting a student leader

If your “on-going service opportunity request” comes in outside of our two time frames, we will save it until the next semester.