Fitness Certifications

UMW Campus Recreation hosts experiential courses as well as certification preparation courses. To register for any of these courses, visit, click Log In, click the blue button to log in with your UMW credentials, and complete all prompts until you see the confirmation page.

Group Fitness Instructor Prep Course

The group fitness instructor prep course will not be taking place in Spring 2020. The course will resume in Fall 2020. Please express your interest in participating to Thank you!

Teaching a group fitness class is more than just a workout – it is important to understand the class dynamic, proper form, musicality, safety procedures, class structure, and more! In this course you will spend time in the classroom learning about the body, class preparation, motivation, movement, and muscles as well as time in the studio practicing music phrasing and practicing teaching your own fitness class. If you have a true passion for leading others to their healthiest lives, then this course is for you! It is free and fun. Just sign up ahead of time at under “Courses”¬†so that we can contact you before the course ends with more information.