COVID Updates

The UMW Fitness Center is expected to reopen on September 10th for reduced hours as a “soft opening”. The grand re-opening will be on September 14 beginning at 6:00 a.m when regular semester hours resume. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more about how things will operate for Campus Recreation this fall. In order for our plan to effectively mitigate the risk of spreading COVID on campus, we rely heavily on the UMW community to follow all safety protocols outlined below.

Recreation Facilities F.A.Q.

  • What can I expect this semester at the gym?
  • What are the gym hours for the semester?
    • Beginning September 14, the gym is open Monday-Thursday 6am-10pm, Friday 6am-8pm, and Saturday-Sunday 11am-8pm to students, faculty, and staff. Gym reservations will be unavailable Mondays and Wednesdays at 11am due to the Individual Exercise academic course. 
  • Do I need a reservation to workout?
    • Yes, reservations are required to exercise in the Fitness Center. Thru traffic to Goolrick or Eagle Landing will not be permitted. Reservations start on the hour and last for 50 minutes. You may register for a workout time via the Campus Rec Member Portal 7 days ahead of the workout reservation time. Students in the Individual Exercise course do not need to register for a workout reservation during their class hour, but must make reservations for personal workout sessions. (How To Video)
  • What do I have to bring to my workout reservation?
    • Your EagleONE ID and your Eagle Health Survey confirmation for the day. We also recommend bringing any personal workout items you may wish to use, such as a jump rope, resistance band, or chalk as these items will not be available to rent.
  • What if I need to cancel my reservation?
      If you know you can no longer make it, we ask that you surrender your spot as soon as possible.
      1. Go to the Member Portal
      2. Click “Log In” in the top right corner of the webpage.
      3. Click the top button that says “UMW Net ID and Password” if you are a student, employee, or recent alumni, or “Community Members” if you don’t have a UMW log-in.
      4. Enter your UMW username and password. (UMW students: You automatically have a Campus Rec account once your UMW email is set up.)
      5. Once you’re logged in, in the top right corner, click your username.
      6. Click “Profile”.
      7. Along the left menu, click “Programs”. Here you will see your current and past class registrations.
      8. Next to the upcoming class you are registered for, click the button that says “Cancel.”
      You are all done! Thank you for opening up a spot for another patron!
  • Can you make multiple reservations in one day?
    • Technically yes, the system allows for this. However, in order to serve as many people as possible, we ask that you do your best to only make up to one reservation per day. If you are looking for tips on how to have an efficient workout, we have some for you:
      • Warm up before arriving.
      • Write out your workout plan before arriving. Plan exercises that use equipment you don’t have access to otherwise (squat rack, dumbbells, etc.).
      • If you drink pre-workout, consume prior to arriving to the gym so you are ready to go upon the start of your reservation.
      • Show up to the gym on time.
      • Put away or silence phones and watches to limit distractions.
      • Time your rest periods.
      • Consider performing your exercises for timed intervals, instead of for a set amount of repetitions, to help control timing.
  • How many people will be allowed in the Fitness Center at once?
    • The capacity per hour is 12 as of Thursday, September 24. A 12 person capacity will provide a better experience for patrons and staff. More equipment will be available, and facility staff will be able to better keep up with cleaning. This capacity is subject change and the number of reservation spots on the Campus Rec Member Portal will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Will masks be required when exercising in the gym?
    • Yes, this is a university-wide policy that will be enforced. We recommend lowering the intensity of your workout and taking breaks to avoid getting too out of breath. There will be an adjustment period, but like any workout, you will get stronger and better the more you do it. If you have an underlying medical condition, please consult your physician for their recommendations on exercise.
  • Why are face masks important to wear in a gym?
    • Our ventilation rate increases dramatically during exercise, which means a greater opportunity for producing respiratory droplets, the primary method of transmission for COVID. Remember, even if you think you are healthy, you could be asymptomatic and at risk of infecting others.
  • Is it safe to exercise in a face mask? What should I expect or be mindful of?
    • Yes. For presumably healthy individuals, it is safe. It will make the experience different and more challenging. CO2 toxicity is very unlikely based on the research. CO2 is a very small particle and a very small percentage in our environment. Individuals with underlying metabolic and cardiorespiratory conditions could experience issues. Please consult your physician for guidance.
    • There will be a certain degree of adaptation because of the restriction of oxygen. Lightheadedness, dizziness, and shortness of breath may be experienced initially. Begin at a lower intensity and give yourself grace.
    • In a recent study, heart rate was 8-10 beats higher than normal with a mask on.
    • In a recent study, there was greater discomfort experienced with higher intensity cardiovascular exercises.
    • For those who performed circuit and resistance training, the most prominent challenge was adjusting to having an object on their face, not necessarily added levels of discomfort with breathing or dizziness.
    • Start slowly and gradually. Remember that your fitness levels are likely different from several months ago.
    • Listen to your body. If you’re tired, slow down. If breathing feels tough, lower the intensity.
    • If you must, find a space you can socially distance during recovery to take off the mask to catch your breath.
    • Wearing a mask during exercise is not what we’re used to, but it’s what is necessary for this season in time. Be proud of upholding this commitment to your community.
    • People adapt and become habituated to exercising in a face covering. As seen with elevation training masks, individuals do adapt to being exposed to different airway resistance.
  • Will Goolrick be open for use?
    • The pool, Goolrick gym, and Auxiliary gym will be closed for recreational use for the first few weeks of in-person classes. We will re-evaluate the status of Goolrick recreational spaces on a weekly basis. Please follow @UMWCampusRec on social media for instant updates. Updates will also be posted on this Campus Recreation website. 
  • Can I rent out equipment?
    • Yes, with some limitations. Equipment with surfaces that can be easily cleaned will be available to rent, such as resistance bands and leather weight belts. Equipment with surfaces that can’t be easily cleaned will not be available to rent, such as cable ankle attachments and basketballs. Regardless, we encourage you to bring your own fitness equipment if you have it.
  • Is exercise spotting allowed?
    • No, at this time spotting is not permitted. Our trained facility attendants will not be available to assist in spotting, so we remind you to refrain from lifting weights any heavier than you feel comfortable with knowing there will be no spotter. As always, we recommend the use the spotting bars and other assisted equipment while lifting.
  • Am I allowed to work out with my friends?
    • Yes, if you all sign up for the same reservation time slots. However, we require you to maintain distance and not share any equipment that has not been thoroughly sanitized between uses.
  • What machines/equipment are available to use?
  • What is the “cleaning tagging system”, and what do I have to do?
    • Upon checking into the gym, you will be given a stack of half-page sanitation cards. After using a piece of equipment and cleaning it with a sanitation wipe found in canisters around the gym, “tag it” as a machine that needs to be deep cleaned by a trained facility staff member by placing a sanitation card on it. If you notice a piece of equipment that has a sanitation card on it, please refrain from using that equipment until a facility staff member cleans it and removes the card. If you need to use the equipment immediately, please politely flag down the floor monitor in a red shirt and they will be happy to prioritize sanitizing that piece of equipment for you. Unused sanitation cards can be left at the floor monitor table on the first floor near the strength equipment or at the front desk. If you need additional cards, please visit the front desk.

Programming F.A.Q.

  • Are group fitness classes still happening?
    • Yes! Group Fitness classes will be offered via Zoom, Instagram TV, and outdoors. Details can be found on our Group Fitness webpage and Instagram. Fitness class offerings will vary each month to comply with the university’s exercise guidelines. Visit the Campus Rec Member Portal to view current class offerings.
  • Do I need a fitness pass to participate in fitness classes?
    • Yes! The $10 pass grants you unlimited access to all Zoom, outdoor, and in-person classes for the fall and spring semesters.
    • Fitness classes are FREE September 10 – September 25 to celebrate our first few weeks back on campus!
  • Is personal training available?
    • Yes! Our certified personal trainers are taking Zoom clients in mid-September. How does that work? You meet with your trainer on Zoom and workout while they coach you on form and give you encouragement. Don’t worry, there will be typed-up workouts and music to keep it as comfortable as possible for both the client and PT. Check the Campus Rec Member Portal to sign up once it becomes available! 
  • Is the mindfulness course happening this semester?
    • Yes! Bill will be offering the 7-week mindfulness course online. You will have the chance to hear about what mindfulness is, understand more about how to be mindful, and also have opportunities to practice mindfulness as a group. The course registration can be found on the Campus Rec Member Portal.