Campus Recreation strives to provide the university community with opportunities to adopt healthy and well-balanced lifestyles through programming and resources and to foster an environment in which the university community can grow in their overall health and wellness.

UMW’s 6 Dimensions of Wellness

  1. Mental Wellness: Combining the elements of emotional well-being and intellectual curiosity, mental wellness includes being attentive to one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; positive or negative. Having the ability to approach life optimistically and with resiliency despite life’s inevitable disappointments. Seeking out ways to expand one’s knowledge and skills.

    • Practice mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises
    • Talk with a counselor, close friend, or family member
    • Make time to relieve stress through physical activities
    • Work on one of the other 7 dimensions of wellness which may, as a result, improve emotional wellness
  2. Financial Wellness: Striving to live a life within one’s means and taking steps to ensure one’s finances are prepared to support them in both the short and long term.
    • Create a budget
    • Make an income
  3. Occupational Wellness: Finding purpose and fulfillment in one’s professional journey while working to maintain balance between personal and work-life.
    • Find work that serves your purpose
  4. Physical Wellness: Taking care of one’s body by partaking in healthy practices such as exercise, a nutritious diet, and getting adequate sleep. Acknowledging the importance of one’s physical surroundings and taking an active role in sustaining it.
    • Move your body often
    • Fuel yourself with nutrient dense foods
    • Get enough sleep
  5. Social Wellness: Fostering a sense of connection and belonging with others. Involves using good communication skills, respecting oneself and others, and creating and maintaining a well-developed support system.
    • Meet new people
    • Surround yourself with a positive social network
    • Spend time with others
  6. Spiritual Wellness: Taking steps to identify one’s values and beliefs in order to expand one’s sense of purpose and to find meaning in their life. Keeping an open mind and demonstrating tolerance towards others.
    • Define your personal philosophy
    • Identify your values and beliefs
    • Meditate, practice mindfulness, or pray