How to Start a Sport Club

Campus Recreation currently oversees a total of 19 Sport Clubs which include various indoor and outdoor sports. To provide students with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, Campus Recreation will support the creation of a Sport Club if the need is clearly identified. The procedure to start a Sport Club is completely paced and controlled by the UMW community member. The Sports Club program will provide direct oversight and guidance during the creation of a Sport Club.

Interested parties must follow these listed procedures below to create a Sport Club

  • Contact to set up an appointment with the Campus Recreation Professional Staff. This email must include the following details: Name, Class Year, and any preliminary research information on which club you seek to start or reinstate.
  • Create a Constitution for your club. Use this Sample Constitution as your template.
  • Submit a successful signature campaign. This signature campaign must serve as a supporting document to support your desire to start the club. The signature campaign must include the signatures of the founding roster.
  • Submit a Budget Proposal. The document must be used to estimate the various financial aspects of the club. Please look to include all streams of revenue and expenses while submitting this estimate.
  • Please compile all requested documents and email them to the current Sport Club Student Coordinator, Elisabeth Haas, at A representative from the Sports Club program will get in contact to schedule an appointment to pattern the next steps.

Note: Upon approval, a club will not receive allocation in its first year of operation based on the allocation cycle. All allocations are made in the Spring Semester for the upcoming academic year. The club will be responsible to cover all costs and will have to adhere to all policies prescribed by Campus Recreation. Any violations can result in direct termination of the club.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to