How to Start a Sport Club

Campus Recreation assists in facilitating various indoor and outdoor sports. To provide students with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, Campus Recreation will support the creation of a Sport Club if the need is clearly identified. The procedure to start a Sport Club is completely paced and controlled by the student.

Interested parties must follow these listed procedures below to create a Sport Club:

  • Contact to set up an appointment with the Campus Recreation Professional Staff. This email must include the following details: Name, Class Year, and any preliminary research information on which club you seek to start or reinstate.
  • Create a Constitution for your club. Use this Sample Constitution as your template.
  • Submit a successful signature campaign. This signature campaign must serve as a supporting document to support your desire to start the club. The signature campaign must include the signatures of the founding roster.
  • Submit a Budget Proposal. The document must be used to estimate the various financial aspects of the club. Please look to include all streams of revenue and expenses while submitting this estimate.
  • Please compile all requested documents and email them to and a staff member will be in contact to review next steps.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to