Sport Club Leadership Documents

Purchase Request Form

  1. The following form must be filled out to make any purchase using club funds.
  2. Choose one from the four categories: Check Request, Purchase Request, Reimbursement, Credit Card Request. (In case you choose to check out a Credit Card, please contact Becky Bezdan, prior to submission of form to ensure that a credit card can be available.
  3. Complete the description and fill out the amount. (Estimates are acceptable for Credit Card requests)
  4. An invoice highlighting the tax exemption must be submitted to ensure that the club does not get charged taxes.
  5. Upon retrieval of signatures of current club officers, please drop the form with the invoice in the mailbox located outside the Campus Recreation Graduate Assistant for Sports & Outdoor Rec’s office located on the second floor of the Fitness Center.
  6. The forms will be signed by the Graduate Assistant for Sports & Outdoor Rec or Director and will be delivered to Becky Bezdan.
  7. Submission made past 2pm Friday afternoon, will only be reviewed and submitted on Monday.

Injury Report Form (New link coming soon)

  1. The following form must be filled out in the case of an injury on or off site.
  2. Please fill the information prompted accordingly.
  3. Once submitted, please email the current Sport Club Student Coordinator at your submission. A member from Campus Recreation will reach out to you and the injured individual.
  4. Campus Recreation will look to direct the injured individual to appropriate sources.
  5. Campus Recreation will look to maintain contact with the individual to track progress.
  6. Note to Club Leadership: The injured athlete is not allowed to rejoin practices until they receive a confirmation from Campus Recreation.

Sales-Tax Exempt Form

  1. This form can be used and submitted to indicate that the University is a Sales Tax exempt organization when making purchases.
  2. For instructions to fill out this form, please click here to be redirected to the UMW Finance page.
  3. Please contact Becky Bezdan prior to using this document.

Unallocated Funds Request Form (New link coming soon)

  1. Please ensure that you are part of the Sport Club Resources organization to access this form.
  2. Please fill out the form accordingly and prepare a proposal letter.
  3. This proposal letter must state the purpose of the request and how the allocation would be used if approved. The letter must also include amount requested, officer names, and a minimum of 2 officer signatures.
  4. All requests must be submitted with a proposal letter. The lack of a letter may cause the disqualification of a request. The letter must be uploaded with the form.

Student Travel Request Form

  1. Please ensure that you are part of the Club Sports Athletes organization to access this form.
  2. Please fill out the form accordingly.
  3. This form must be submitted no  more than 48 hours prior of departure.
  4. In order to successfully fill out the form, leadership must complete and attached SC Travel Roster and Travel Itinerary.
  5. Once approved, please follow all instructions inscribed in the approval notice. It is expected that the club leadership provide and maintain contact with Campus Recreation staff on the day of travel.

UMW Van Request Form

  1. Please refer to the UMW Facilities Services website for instructions on how to fill out the form and submission deadline dates.
  2. Students must successfully pass the UMW Van Familiarization Class to be able to drive a UMW Van. To learn how to get certified, please click here.
  3. The following form cannot be signed by the Graduate Assistant and can only be signed by Presidential designee. The designee for Campus Recreation is Kelly Shannon, Director of Campus Recreation.

Sport Club Community Service Tracker

  1. The following form must be filled out within 24 hours of community service.
  2. Please complete the form accordingly. Only the President must fill out the form.
  3. Please provide accurate attendance numbers and any contact information of the organization you volunteered for. Any forms submitted without any contact information will be considered void.

Sport Club Allocation Proposal Form

  1. The following form must be filled out to indicate the allocations your club seeks for the next academic year.
  2. Please download this form and fill out the boxes accordingly.
  3. Please attach your fundraising proposal in a separate word documents.
  4. All documents must be emailed to the current Sport Club Student Coordinator at prior to deadline.

Sport Club Budget Review Form

  1. The following form must be filled out and used to submit for an End of Year Budget Review or Semester Budget Reviews.
  2. Please download this form and fill out the boxes accordingly. The sheet is designed in a way to auto populate number, so please only look to enter numbers.
  3. When submitting a Budget Allocation Request for the next academic year, a club and its leaders must draft and attach a proposal letter. This proposal letter must include a brief synopsis of the upcoming academic year for your club and a detailed report of how the budget allocation you seek will benefit the club. Budget Allocation Requests form submitted without a proposal letter wont be accepted. The letter must be signed by all members of the current club leadership.
  4. Please submit any budget form to the current Sport Club Student Coordinator at

Facility Request 

  1. Please visit to submit a facility reservation request.
  2. This request must contain the following information: Date, Time, Location, Estimated Attendance numbers, Event name, and names of CPR/AED certified members that will be in attendance.

Active Roster Sheet

  1. In the top left hand corner, please fill out your club information. A member from the club leadership is required to submit this document.
  2. Please use the following designation when filling out Class Year: (Freshman = F) (Sophomore = S) (Junior = J) (Senior = Sen) (Grad Student = G).
  3. Please use “R” to indicate if member is a returning member and “N” if member information was acquired from club events or is a new member.
  4. Please fill out the role/position this athlete plays in during competition.
  5. Please indicate “L” if athlete is in club leadership position. Please describe club leadership position and role.

Constitution Review

  1. Please use the following document to review your current constitution.
  2. If your club constitution is not up-to-date on your SC portal, please email them to the current Sport Club Student Coordinator at

Semester Planning Sheet

  1. Click here to get monthly calendar for Fall semester.
  2. Click here to get monthly calendar for Spring semester.
  3. Use this planner to help plan your clubs semester effectively.

Sport Club Invoice Template

  1. Please click and download the form above.
  2. All checks must be emailed to the following address: The Fitness Center, 1301 College Ave, Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22401.
  3. Club leadership will be notified once checks arrive and will have to go to the Cashier’s office to deposit.
  4. Deposit slips must be dropped off in the sport club drop box located outside the office.

Any questions, comments or concerns regarding any of the forms can be directed to