Student Development Workshops

Spring 2023

Topic: Resume/cover letter Bring your printed resume

Date: Tuesday, February 21

Time: 3-4pm 

Presenter:  Mary Becelia

Location: UC 315 Colonnade

Description:  As job and internships applications season approaches, a Career Center Coach will join us  to share resume writing tips and answer students’ questions. This workshop will focus on helping our students to polish their resume and cover letters as they are preparing to apply for internships and full time positions. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to write or improve your current resume 
  • Learn how to market yourself and your skills to employers.


Fall 2022 

Topic: Creating an inclusive environment workshop
Date: Thursday, September 8
Time: 3-4:30pm
Presenter: JoAnna Raucci
Location: UC Colonnade 315
Description: Everyone wants to feel welcomed and valued in their respective community. A welcoming and inclusive community exists where all members feel heard, involved, supported and respected; there are opportunities for a positive, productive, and engaging environment for the open and respectful exchange of ideas, perspectives, and opinions; and all members are able to thrive, perform and contribute fully and successfully. This interactive workshop will explore the concept and benefits of inclusion within a community. Participants will gain the tools and strategies that are important to building an inclusive and engaging environment.


Topic: Bystander Intervention Training
Date: Thursday, October 6
Time: 4-5pm
Presenter: Marissa Miller
Location: UC Colonnade 315
Description: “Step Up” is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that uses workshops and communications to teach community members how to be that someone who steps up and helps others.
Learning Outcomes:
Raise awareness about the bystander effect
Increase one’s motivation to help
Develop skills and confidence when intervening
Create a safer community

Topic: Yoga class with Bill
Date: November 29
Time: 4-5pm
Presenter: Bill Brooks
Location: Studio 4