About Campus Recreation

Student Affairs Mission

At the University of Mary Washington, the Division of Student Affairs promotes students’ success, learning, and personal wellness as they explore the intersections of their college experience. In concert with the University’s liberal arts and sciences mission and values of inclusion, integrity, and leadership, we provide programs, resources, and educational opportunities that prepare students for engaged citizenship in a global society.

Campus Recreation Vision: Our Why

The Department of Campus Recreation believes participating in recreational activities enhances the quality of life for members of the UMW community by improving personal wellbeing, social connections, and leadership skills.

Campus Recreation Mission: Our How

The Department of Campus Recreation encourages all members of the UMW community to explore and develop lifelong involvement in recreational activities. We strive to meet the changing needs of our diverse community by offering quality structured and informal recreational opportunities. 

In partnership with the Division of Student Affairs, Campus Recreation ASPIREs to create a culture of wellbeing by:

  • Creating opportunities for students to practice healthy behaviors.
  • Teaching students the importance of goal setting and sharing helpful strategies they can use to successfully accomplish them
  • Developing employment opportunities and leadership programs for students to grow and practice leadership skills
  • Offering programs and activities that allow students to practice and exhibit sportsmanship, respect, and civility
  • Providing activities for students to seek involvement, form relationships, and try new activities
  • Contributing to a student’s ability to develop meaningful career paths by assisting them to identify individual interests, values, skills, and abilities.

Recreation is for everyone

UMW Campus Recreation is committed to creating a community that is diverse, inclusive and affirming to everyone. We believe access to a healthy lifestyle, inclusive programming, and welcoming facilities is a right afforded to everyone.


UMW’s principles and values are reflected in the university’s ASPIRE statement.


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UMW Campus Recreation is a proud institutional member of the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association.