Student Organizational Van & Travel Policy

All Campus Recreation & SAE student organizations are required to follow the below guidelines:

  • If the trip is within a 200-mile radius and within Virginia, Maryland or DC, no approval or chaperone is needed.
  • Trips outside of the 200-mile radius require approval by the Office of Student Activities and Engagement (SAE).
  • A travel and trip plan, a roster of all students traveling (including emergency contact information), and supporting documentation is required in order to travel. This information should be submitted to SAE, which each student filling out the “Student Travel Emergency Contact Form and Conference Waiver
  • All overnight trips require approval – with SAE having the right to request a mandatory chaperone.
  • All student trips without a chaperone should identify a faculty or staff member who will be a point of contact for them during their trip.
  • All UMW students on a trip are expected to abide by the behavior expectations outlined in UMW’s Student Handbook, and the Office of Student Involvement’s travel policies.
  • University recommends limited driving from midnight to 5 am.
  • Student driving shifts should be no longer than 3.5 hours.

Additional questions may be directed to