How to Start a Club

How to Start An Organization

Here are a few things to think about when starting a club:

  • Are you committed to the idea?
  • Is there an existing group to join?
  • Will this organization have exclusive membership?
  • Will there be enough members to continue the club beyond your involvement?
  • Have you thought about organizational goals and objectives?
  • What role will your group assume on campus and/or in the community?


Beginning the Approval Process

  1. Visit SAE on the third floor of the University Center.
  2. Fill out a student organization registration form.
  3. Hold a preliminary interest meeting to help you develop a list of at least 5 other interested students, which must be submitted with the club’s constitution. Use the first meeting to help you develop a concise mission statement, which briefly outlines the goals and objectives of your organization.
  4. Develop a constitution. SAE will provide a sample to use as an outline for developing a constitution. This is necessary for the approval process, and will establish a lasting structure for your organization. (Please click here to see a sample constitution).

Recognition Process

  • “Funded Organizations” are non-exclusive, and may request funds from the Finance Committee.
  • “Recognized Organizations” may be exclusive within state guidelines, but are not able to request funds from the Finance Committee.

In order to start an organization, interested student leaders must:

  1. Present a preliminary constitution to the chair of the ICA.
  2. Submit the name of a faculty/staff sponsor.
  3. Submit a list of prospective members (at least 5).
  4. Submit a list of proposed programs.

Applicant student organizations shall be permitted a full academic year to fulfill the guidelines for official recognition. Through constitutional review, the ICA Executive Committee is empowered by the SGA to ensure that all new and existing organizations subscribe to University policies and practices. The ICA has the authority to recognize, deny, or rescind recognition of student groups. Upon recognition, student organizations must actively participate in the ICA.