Housing Wait List

  • What is the Housing Wait List?

The Housing Wait List is for students who have a housing assignment but want a different housing assignment.

  • Does this guarantee me a change of housing assignment?

Being on the housing wait list does not guarantee a change in housing assignment for anyone.

  • Will all of my preferences be honored?

Preferences are just that – they are not guaranteed.  In fact, many are impossible to grant.  For instance, if 25 students prefer to live in a single room, it is not possible to make this happen if only one single room becomes available.  Because housing is often tight, it is unlikely students will be offered any change to their housing assignment. It is unrealistic for students to expect to get their ideal housing preference, and all students should plan to live in the housing assignment they have already received.  Information regarding housing, including costs, can be found at URL: http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/residencehalls/.

  • If I have a roommate issue, what is the process I should follow?

Students with roommate issues should not complete the Housing Wait List.  Instead, students should follow the process described at URL http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/housingchanges.

  • If I do not have a roommate issue, but I have some specific preferences regarding housing that I would like to communicate and hopefully be able to move if space is available, what is my next step?

Students interested in being on the Housing Wait List should submit the form below.  To avoid duplicate entries, a proxy must not submit this form for another student (the student should submit his/her own Housing Wait List form).  Space is very limited.

  • If I am considered a commuter student but I want to live on campus, how do I communicate regarding my new desire to live on campus?

Students which were planning to live off campus but now would like to live on campus should not submit a housing wait list request.  Instead, these students should contact Brittany Harper at bharper2@umw.edu.

Housing Wait List Form

This form is for on-campus students without roommate issues to communicate unique housing preferences with the desire to move if space becomes available. An example of this is if a student would like a change in room type (double to single). Another example is if a student would prefer to move closer to his/her classroom building.
  • Enter your student ID number, which begins with a "000"
  • (Or another phone number where we can reach you.)
  • Apartment/Residence hall and room number. If you do not know or are not assigned, leave this blank.
  • Is there someone in particular you want to live with? Make sure he or she emails Brittany Harper at bharper2@umw.edu to let us know the mutual interest of living with you.
  • If your primary preference is a specific building, type here the name of the hall most important to you.
  • If your primary preference is a specific building, and you have entered your first preference above, type here the name of the hall next most important to you.
  • What should we know about your situation and your preferences?