Spring 2015 Housing Information

New Students:

Once new students to the University who are admitted as on-campus residential students receive their NetID and password, they are able to submit their completed online Housing and Dining Services Agreement to apply for campus housing.  Move-in (key-pick up) for these students will take place at the Eagle Landing desk on Thursday, January 8 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.  Eagle Landing will be the home for almost every new transfer student moving into campus housing in January 2015!  This is exciting as Eagle Landing is the newest of UMW campus housing.  Learn more about the amenities offered in the newest campus housing location at URL: http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/eaglelanding/.  New first-year students will likely be assigned to freshmen buildings.

Continuing/Returning Students:

Students readmitted for Spring 2014, students commuting during the Fall 2014 semester, and students studying abroad during the Fall 2014 semester have the opportunity to live on campus during the Spring semester. These students will be able to submit a completed Housing and Dining Services Agreement beginning November 4 (see below for instructions).  Move-in (key-pick up) for these students will take place at the Eagle Landing desk on Sunday, January 11 from 9:00am – 5:00pm.  Eagle Landing will be the home for almost every continuing student moving into campus housing in January 2015!  This is exciting as Eagle Landing is the newest of UMW campus housing.  Learn more about the amenities offered in the newest campus housing location at URL: http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/eaglelanding/.

How To Submit Your Housing and Dining Services Agreement

a) First be sure you have paid your deposit.  If you are newly admitted, this is done through the Office of Admissions.  If you are a returning student, you will need to follow these directions to pay your housing deposit.

b)  Read information about the residence halls and meal plans.  For rates, view them at URL: http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/rates/

c)  Log into Symplicity Residence.  Select “Student” and then enter your UMW NetID and Password.  If you receive an error message, before contacting the UMW IT Help Desk, try clearing your cache or trying another browser. You should have already received your log-in and password, but if you need that information, follow the directions listed on the UMW IT logins website.

d)  Following your successful log-in, click “Get Started” next to the Housing and Dining Services Agreement application.  (If you do not see an application listed, email bharper2@umw.edu to notify staff so they can assist you.) Note:  an application will not become visible until a housing deposit is paid.

e)  Complete each prompt and submit your application. If you need to finish it later, click to “Save As Draft.”


Tuesday, November 4, 2014
NetID and password available for newly admitted students.

Tuesday, November 4
Housing and Dining Services Agreement application available (due Dec. 12 for early assignments process, but all received after this date will be guaranteed housing).

Friday, November 21
Application for housing accommodation due to the Office of Disability Resources (see URL: academics.umw.edu/disability/accommodations/housing-accommodations for more information).

Friday, November 21
Air Conditioning Accommodations request form dueNote: Eagle Landing has central air conditioning, so if you are hoping to live in Eagle Landing, submitting this form will not be necessary.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Check UMW email for housing assignment if not previously emailed.

Thursday, January 8 between 2:00pm – 4:00pm
New (first time) students move in (pick up key) from the Eagle Landing desk.  Note:  At 8:00pm in the Eagle Landing Rotunda, there will be a mandatory meeting for all new residential students.  See http://orientation.umw.edu for more information about the orientation program beginning the next day.

Sunday, January 11 9:00am – 5:00pm
Returning/continuing students move in (key-pick up at the Eagle Landing desk).

Move in day for freshman at UMW.  8/24/2011. (Photo by Norm Shafer).

Move In

Students need to plan accordingly and may not move in early.  If students need to arrive in the Fredericksburg area earlier than permitted, they will need to make arrangements at a local hotel.  Additionally, individuals will not be permitted to move belongings in early. Once students get to campus, they will need to “check-in,” where they obtain their residence key.  Each student must present a valid UMW EagleOne card or a photo ID card to obtain their key.  Once a student has signed for his or her key, he or she may proceed to unload belongings and get established in their new community.  New residential students will need to obtain their EagleOne card after moving from Lee Hall if they do not have it so they can access their building.

Helpful Hints:

  • Talk with your roommates to decide what items will be shared (television, rug, mini-fridge, surge protectors, etc.).  For a detailed suggested list of items to bring (and not bring), view the list at URL: http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/files/2014/07/BringList.pdf.
  • Consider bringing a hand truck or cart to help move larger items in the building.
  • As you unpack, recycle cardboard and other recyclable materials in dumpsters outside the residence halls keeping the hallways clear.  For more information on what to recycle, view this URL: http://sustainability.umw.edu/recycling/on-campus-recycling/.
  • Dress comfortably.  Keep hydrated.


Campus parking is always a challenging issue for move-in days.  Students and family members must follow directional signs and the instructions of any assistants giving parking directions.  After unloading belongings, they must quickly move their vehicle to a more permanent parking location to make room for other students needing to unload.  For maps and directions to campus, please visit this URL: http://www.umw.edu/visitors/.  Students and families need to follow all parking rules.  Parking fines will take place for those unauthorized to park.  Students should visit the Office of Parking Management in Lee Hall.

Online registration (EagleNet) for new students to obtain parking decals will begin on Monday, December 22, 2014.  After logging into EagleNet , click on banner self-service and select parking management under the personal information tab.  A temporary parking dash pass should be downloaded and displayed in the vehicle dashboard upon arrival on campus.  Permanent decals will be delivered to student UMW campus mailboxes (for both residential and commuter students) for pick up after moving in.  Contact the Office of Parking Management in Lee Hall for inquiries.