Residence Life

Welcome to UMW and life in the residence halls!  You are now a citizen of a new community which relies upon you to be a contributing member of that community.

The goal of the Residence Life staff is to provide a supportive environment where you can develop the skills and abilities you need to be a strong leader and a contributing citizen while learning about yourself and developing a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to do this through intentional programming, meaningful interactions and experiential opportunities.

Here you will make friendships that will last a lifetime, and see how living on campus can enhance the academic experience.  A successful residential experience also depends upon each resident’s acceptance of personal and collective responsibility and learning how each person’s actions impact themselves and  their fellow students.

Count on your Residence Life staff members (Resident Assistants, Building Supervisors, Assistant Directors) to help you with your questions.  Be sure to check in with the web site regularly to keep in touch with deadlines and important information. You’ll especially want to be reading the site before any break period and in late fall and early spring when we start posting information about the Housing Selection process.

Our offices are located in Marye House (between Trinkle and Mason Halls).  Come visit any time.

Residence Life
Marye House, 1st Floor