Information for New Students

1.  After being admitted to UMW and accepting admittance by submitting the “I will” letter to the Admissions Office, you will need to pay the $500 enrollment deposit.  This deposit consists of a $250 tuition deposit and a $250 housing deposit.  The housing deposit is returned at graduation or if becoming a commuter student (whichever is first).

2.  Decide whether a Living Learning Community is right for you.  Among the many benefits is access to premium housing and tight connections with classmates who are also your neighbors.  Living Learning Communities will be chosen May 15, so if you’re interested, please apply before then (via your Housing Agreement).

3.  Get to know the Residence Halls.  You will want to decide your ranking of preferences for the buildings before completing your Housing Agreement (which will ask for your preferences of buildings, types of room, etc.).  If you have a specific roommate in mind, make sure to coordinate your preferences with him or her so you both indicate the same preferences (increasing the likelihood of being placed in a preferred location with one another).

4.  Complete your online Housing Agreement by May 22.  Assignments will be made in early June and communicated via the UMW EagleNet and e-mail. New students who meet the Housing Agreement deadline of May 22 will receive their housing assignment information by June 7, which is prior to Orientation.

Here’s how you submit your Housing Agreement:

a)  Login into EagleNet.  You should have already received your log-in and password, but if you need that information, follow the directions listed on the UMW IT website URL

b)  Following your successful login, click on the yellow tab at top of the page titled “My University Resources.”

c)  Click on “University Life” (in the drop-down menu that will appear).

d)  On left hand side of page, see heading titled “Housing Contract.”  Click on and read “Housing Contract Terms & Conditions” before submitting Agreement.

e)  Return to the “University Life” page after reading “Housing Terms & Conditions” and then click “Create and Submit UMW Housing Agreement.”

f)  Follow the prompts to complete your Agreement.  Note:  For you and a friend to become roommates, you must both select each other as preferred roommates.

 5.  Send any necessary supporting documentations such as Air Conditioning Accommodations Request and Office of Disability Resources Housing Accommodation Request (both due May 8).

6. Keep an open mind.  This is the first time most people have had a real roommate and are away from home.  Know that it will be exciting, and it is okay to be nervous.  Regarding potential roommates – we hand-match people and have many success stories.  Our goal is to find people that share some common interests, but that are not carbon-copies of one another or “besties.”  Being able to learn from another person in a living experience is challenging and rewarding.  Keeping an open mind about your roommate will be essential – and in the end, you’ll be very happy with your relationship and what you’ve gained.

7.  Prepare for the college experience!  Know what to bring when you move in, as well as what to leave at home.  Click here for a suggested packing checklist.

8.  Read the Bed Modifications webpage for more information on bed configurations and adjustments.

9.  Prepare for August Move In!

10.  If you have questions, read some of our Frequently Asked Questions.  If you still have a question, submit a Contact Us.


At Orientation, each student will receive a printed copy of our Residence Halls Essentials publication.