Housing Information for New Students

All new students are guaranteed on-campus housing.  Below is helpful information regarding the next steps for new students regarding housing.

1)      After being admitted to UMW and accepting admittance by submitting the “I will” letter to the Admissions Office, you will pay the $500 enrollment deposit.  This deposit consists of a $250 tuition deposit and a $250 housing deposit.  The housing deposit is returned after graduation or if you become a commuter student during your junior or senior year.

2)     Send any necessary supporting documentation such as Air Conditioning Accommodations Request and Office of Disability Resources Housing Accommodation Request (both due June 30).

3)      Consider the option of a Living Learning Community (freshmen only).  Students in designated classes are housed together to form friendships and boost learning out-of-the-classroom.

4)      Get to know the residence halls.  Look at the meal and housing costs.  Review the language of the 2014 housing agreement.

5)      After you attend New Student Orientation *, you will be emailed detailed information on how to complete your online Housing and Dining Services Agreement.

  • Freshmen:  Agreement submission is due July 7, and assignments will be made and mailed to homes by July 18.
  • Transfer students:  Agreement submission is due August 12, and assignments will be emailed by August 15.

6)      Keep an open mind.  This is the first time most people have had a real roommate and are away from home.  Know that it will be fun and exciting; and it is okay to be nervous.  If you have a specific desired roommate, you will both be able to select each other when completing your electronic housing agreement application.  Otherwise, leave the roommate matching to us as we have great success stories.  Our goal is to find people that share some common interests, but are not carbon-copies of one another or “besties.”  Being able to learn from another person in a living experience is challenging and rewarding.  Keeping an open mind about your roommate will be essential – and in the end, you’ll be very happy with your relationship and what you’ve gained.

7)      Prepare for August Move In.

8)      If you have questions, read some of our Frequently Asked Questions.  If you still have a question, visit Contact Us.

* If you are unable to attend Orientation in June for freshmen or early August for transfer students, you will need to communicate with Orientation Coordinator Liz Bradley.  Ms. Bradley will update Residence Life staff so they can email you your housing agreement information so you can submit it before the deadline.