Housing Selection for 2014 – 2015


Why Live On Campus?

In surveys, upperclass UMW students living on-campus have cited the benefits of convenience, proximity, and security as reasons they decided to continue living on campus. Assessment indicates high levels of satisfaction from those living in the residence halls and apartments.  Many really enjoy the traditional campus life experience.  The possibilities are diverse with a variety of housing configurations and options to choose from, all near classrooms, friends, and the various student activities.  Limited building card access, nearby UMW Police, and Resident Assistants (RAs) on duty each night put many at ease, knowing safety is paramount on campus.  Having available Residence Life staff and their resources to help promote community learning and the challenges of student development is a priceless advantage.  It is clear living on campus comes with excellent customer service, amenities, and enhanced out-of-class learning experiences.  The quality of living for residential students is unmatched.

Important Information

Choosing Roommates

Students returning to campus have a great advantage over new students – they get to choose their own housing! And because you know yourself better than anyone, you will also have to choose who you are going to live with.

It is empowering for most students to be able to decide the type of environment and the individual(s) with whom to live which will shape their coming year.  Still, some students struggle to decide who to live with either because there are too many or not enough options.  Those challenged with roommate choices are encouraged to get the word out early that they’re pondering options.  Planning is essential.

It is in your best interest in the process to select your roommate(s). If for some reason you do not have a roommate in March during Housing Selection, we will have a limited number of rooms (called Option Rooms) for you to be placed with a random roommate. Without a roommate, your selection will be limited to the Option Rooms remaining.

Please read through this information carefully to assist you with finding a roommate for the upcoming year!

Discussion Prompts

Below are helpful hints when talking to potential roommates.

  • Discuss your sleeping habits (weekdays and weekend).
  • What temperature you like the room to be (very warm, warm, cool, very cold?)
  • Discuss what kind of sense of humor you have (silly, sarcastic, dry, etc.).
  • What time do you typically come home (before 8pm, after midnight, etc.)?  Discuss how to handle late night situations.
  • Discuss issues about the noise level in the room (TV, music, studying, sleeping, etc.).
  • How much TV do you watch and what kinds of shows do you like to watch?  Discuss music favorites, décor tastes, and pet peeves.
  • Discuss what state you like the room to be in (very neat, messy, etc.).
  • Where do you like to study?
  • What belongings of yours are you willing to share?  If so, what are the ground rules?
  • What are your thoughts on alcohol?
  • Do you smoke? (Although smoking is not permitted in the residence halls, a smoker roommate may smell like smoke.)
  • What are your spiritual or religious values?
  • What are some of your habits a roommate might need to know?
  • What guidelines should be set for guests in the room?  Under what circumstances can someone else stay in the room?

BFF or a Fresh Start?

Whether deciding to join a new community, be more social, focus on academics, make new friends, or continue current experiences, most students face the age old decision – whether to live with a good friend or select a stranger.

Should you live with a friend?

Friends can be awesome roommates – as long as you really know (and are okay with) how they live.  Having your friend as a roommate may be the choice for you because you already know you like this person and you have common interests.  Living with your friend may also make things a lot easier.  However, if you are easily annoyed by your friend’s habits, you should realize their way of doing things would just magnify once you live together.  Maybe your friend loves to shop and has a ton of clothes she lets you borrow; but imagine having those dirty clothes thrown all over your residence hall room.  Or what if your friend adores One Direction but he does not turn down the tunes while you are trying to study?  Could these little habits cause so many problems you have to end your friendship?  You need to decide if living together is worth the possible risk of losing a friend.

Advantages to Living With a Friend

  • Living with a friend can be so much more comfortable than living with a stranger, especially at first. You’ll skip those pins-and-needles first days of trying to get used to each other.
  • Even though college campuses are full of people, they can be very lonely places if you don’t know anyone. Live with a friend and you’ll always have someone you can count on.
  • Residence hall room shopping is easier if you do it with a friend. You can decide who brings the rug, who brings the gaming console, and so forth.
  • Friends are much more likely to share their stuff – clothes, food, or movies. It may be more awkward to borrow from a stranger.

Should you live with someone outside of your friend circle?

Like living with a friend, having a stranger for a roommate has its pros and cons.  If you have a lot of disagreements, then you don’t have to worry about it damaging your long-term friendship.  Another pro to living with a stranger is you can meet someone new and hopefully start another friendship.  On the other hand, having a stranger for a roommate may cause more conflict than concord.  What if the two of you are complete opposites?  Perhaps you like to have friends over often, but your roommate is more of an introvert. Not having anything in common with and not knowing a lot about whom you live will require some more energy in the beginning.

Advantages To Living With an Acquaintance

  • If you live with a stranger, there’s nothing to lose.  If you don’t get along with the new acquaintance, the problem ends when you no longer live together.  If you don’t get along with your friend, though, you can lose a friendship.  Keep in mind that living with someone is different than just being a friend to someone, and people who are super compatible as friends might be horribly incompatible as roommates.
  • If you live with a friend and have problems, you can put a strain on other friendships as well. You won’t be able to go to your friends and vent about your roommate problems, because the roommate in question is their friend as well!
  • If you live with a stranger, you can go your own way and not see each other for a while.  This can be a welcome break even if you two get along.  If you live with a friend, however, there’s sometimes no getting away (which is not good if you’re not getting along).
  • Having a friend to fall back on can make you too comfortable.  Some people go to college their first year, hang out with their friends from high school, and don’t make an effort to know other people.  Rooming with a stranger later can help you step outside your comfort zone and get to know new people.
  • Living with a stranger can be a mind-opening and maturing experience.  It forces you to learn to be accepting of someone who might be very different than you, and helps you learn to both assert yourself and compromise.  After living with a stranger in a small space, it may make it a little easier living with a romantic partner when the time comes.

Housing and Dining Services Agreement

View the Housing and Dining Services Agreement entered into during the 2012-2013 academic year at URL: http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/agreement2012/

View the Housing and Dining Services Agreement entered into during the 2013-2014 academic year at URL: http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/agreement2013/

View he Housing and Dining Services Agreement entered into during the 2014-2015 academic year at URL: http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/agreement2014/

Your University of Mary Washington’s “Housing and Dining Services Agreement” becomes official when you electronically submit your housing application.  Please carefully read the information contained in your Housing Agreement, and call or visit our office for additional information regarding housing options. Please contact Dining Services for more information regarding your dining options or visit their website.

If you were a first year student in the 2013-2014 academic year, you do not need to submit an additional agreement for the upcoming year; the agreement you submitted is for two academic years and you are required to live on campus your second year at UMW.  You will need to participate in the spring housing selection process in order to secure a specific assignment.

Returning students will receive e-mail confirmation of housing assignments during the spring housing selection process held in March/April and will also be able to access their assignment and roommate information on EagleNet.

The non-refundable housing deposit is kept on your student account and is rolled from year to year so long as you are living in UMW residence halls.  The deposit is refunded once you have graduated or your are no longer a residential student.  The deposit will be forfeit for anyone who enters into the agreement and later cancels or is released for any reason.

For information on cancelling your Housing and Dining Agreement, please visit URL: http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/agreementtermination/.

Room and Board Rates 2014 – 2015

Room and Board Rates per semester for 2014-2015

 Randolph and Mason Halls

 Single Room Rate


 Double Room Rate


 Alvey and Arrington Halls

 Single Room Rate


 Double Room Rate


 Willard Hall

 Single Room Rate


 All Other University Housing

 Single Room Rate


 Double Room Rate


 Triple Room Rate


 Quad Room Rate


 University Apartments

 Single Room Apartment Rate


 Double Room Apartment Rate


 Eagle Landing

 Double Room Rate


 University Meal Plans

 275 Meal Block Plan ($200 flex/semester)


 225 Meal Block Plan ($200 flex/semester)


 150 Meal Block Plan ($300 flex/semester)


 90 Meal Block Plan ($175 flex/semester)


Students can review meal plan options at URL http://umwdining.com/plans/.  The 90 meal block plan is available only to students assigned in Eagle Landing and UMW Apartments.

How to Submit Your Housing Agreement

From February 13 – 27, current UMW students complete their Housing Agreement as follows:

a)  Login into your EagleNet portal.  If you need help regarding your username or password to log-in, follow the directions listed on the UMW IT website URL http://technology.umw.edu/logins.

b)  Following your successful log-in, click on the yellow tab at top of the page titled “My University Resources.”

c)  Click on “University Life” (in the drop-down menu that will appear).

d)  On left hand side of page, see heading titled “Housing Contract.”  Click on and read “Housing Contract Terms & Conditions.”

e)  Return to the “University Life” page after reading “Housing Terms & Conditions” and then click “Create and Submit UMW Housing Agreement.”

f)  Follow the prompts to complete your Agreement.

If  you have any difficulties, let ResLife know so they can fix it.

Residence Hall Information

Available Spaces

Click here to view spaces available.  As students are assigned in administrative housing selection processes, it will be reflected on the floorplans.  As students select rooms at the in-person housing selection process (March 15 and 22), the spaces will be marked so students know what options are available to them before arriving to their appointment to select their assignment.

Dates of Housing Selection for 2014 – 2015

Resident Assistant employment applications due. Jan. 31
Conceptual Living Community applications due. Jan. 31
Housing and Dining Services Agreement available through EagleNet portal. Feb. 13 – 27
Eagle Landing application process available (through Housing Agreement). Feb. 13 – 27
Gender neutral (Madison Hall) application process available (through Housing Agreement). Feb. 13 – 27
Homestead forms available through OrgSync form (for those buildings permitted). Feb. 13 – 27
Office of Disability Resources (ODR) request paperwork due. Feb. 18
ODR committee decisions emailed to applicants. Feb. 24
Housing Assignments for Conceptual Living Communities, Resident Asssistants, and Korean Exchange Program due. Feb. 27
Air Conditioning Accommodation forms due. Feb. 27
Email approved Air Conditioning Accommodation regarding selection date of March 15. Feb. 28
Students participating in ODR and Air Conditioning Accommodation assignment selection day on March 15 receive instructions and timeslots via UMW email. March 10
Students participating in March 15 afternoon housing selection process receive instructions and timeslots via UMW email. March 10
ODR Accommodation assignments and Air Conditioning Accommodation assignments selection (tentative:  9am – 11am). March 15
Housing Selection (tentative:  1pm – 5pm). March 15
Resident Assistants sign employment contracts (those in UMW Apts. and Eagle Landing submit RA Roommate Agreement and Housing Assignment form) at 7pm. March 16
All unassigned students (which will partipate in March 22 housing selection process) will receive instructions and timeslot via UMW email. March 17
Housing Selection Day 2 (tentative:  8:30am – 6pm). March 22
Unassigned students are administratively assigned and emailed. March 24

Participants of Housing Selection for 2014 – 2015

Eligibility for Housing Selection 2014 – 2015

Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to participate in Housing Selection process for 2014 – 2015:

  • Be a current residential, commuter, or study abroad student during the Spring 2014 semester.
  • Have read the terms of the Housing and Dining Services Agreement.
  • Except for rising sophomores currently living on campus, all students will need to electronically sign their Housing Contract in their EagleNet portal between February 13 and 27.
  • The student must register as a full-time undergraduate student (12 credits or more) for the Fall 2014 semester.
  • If not currently a residential student, paid their $250 housing deposit.  (Current residential students have a housing deposit on file.  Commuter students do not have a housing deposit on file.)

Sudents may send their $250 housing deposit check to:

UMW Residence Life
Attn:  Michelle Brooks
1301 College Avenue
Marye House
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Mandatory Housing Selection Participation

Students who are required to live on-campus next academic year (such as all rising sophomores currently living on-campus) are required to participate in Housing Selection for 2014 – 2015.  Exceptions are addressed below (see “Non-Participants”).  Those students who have submitted their Housing Agreement but have not participated in the housing selection process will be held to their Agreement by being administratively-assigned based on space-availability and their housing selection number.

Proxy Information For Those Unable To Attend Housing Selection

Students who are unable to attend a housing selection process may send another student as a proxy to select a room for them.  Students needing a proxy must communicate their designated proxy by complete the Proxy Form at least 24 hours prior to their appointment. For students currently studying abroad, they will need to also fill out the Proxy Authorization form.  The Office of Residence Life does not accept responsibility for room selection by a proxy or a “no show” by the proxy.  Students who are acting as proxies for others are required to act on those students’ behalf.  The proxy must be present at the housing selection process at the appropriate time and will make a room selection for the student.   It becomes very difficult for one student to act as a proxy for many friends.  A good plan is to not be a proxy for more than three individuals who wish to live together.  A student who is asking another student to serve as a proxy should provide specific information to the proxy: Name, student ID number, Housing Selection Number, and several room and roommate options.

Students Studying Abroad during Spring 2014

Students who are participating in a study abroad program are guaranteed housing upon their return to the University.  Students studying abroad for the Spring 2014 semester are eligible to participate in Housing Selection if they have met all of the eligibility requirements:

    • Approved leave by the Office of Study Abroad for the Spring 2014.
    • Electronically submitted their Housing and Dining Services Agreement.
    • Electronically submitted a Proxy Form so another student selects a housing assignment in his/her absence.
    • Paid their $250 housing deposit (if she/he lived on campus Fall 2013, this deposit is still on file).

Students may send their $250 housing deposit check to:

UMW Residence Life
Attn:  Michelle Brooks
1301 College Avenue
Marye House
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Students Planning to Study Abroad Spring 2015

Students planning to participate in a Spring 2015 study abroad program can participate in Housing Selection but will be required to vacate their space at the designated check-out date for the Fall 2014 semester.  In the fall 2014 semester, they simply submit an Intent to Vacate Form (by November 30, 2014) in order to cancel their spring 2015 housing assignment.

Non-Participants of Housing Selection for 2014 – 2015

Students Planning to Live Off Campus Next Academic Year

Current freshmen are under a two-year Housing and Dining Agreement, thus ineligible to live off campus during the 2014 – 2015 academic year. Students exempt from the residency requirement are not required to select a room.  If students are eligible to live off campus for the 2014 – 2015 academic year, they may proceed with plans to commute.  Students should not electronically sign a new Housing and Dining Services Agreement if they are strongly considering living off campus as the Housing Agreement is not a tentative option (is a legally-binding contract).

Those considering off-campus living are encouraged to weigh factors such as the following:  convenience; costs of living, travel, utilities, amenities, and food preparation; collegiate experience; safety; roommate options; opportunities for social interaction and development of new friends; and resources for solving problems.

Not Returning to UMW

Students definitely planning to transfer, take a semester off, or withdraw should visit http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/itv for information and to complete the Intent to Vacate University Housing form so Residence Life does not administratively assign them for the fall 2014.

December 2014 Graduates

Students who will be graduating in December 2014 can participate in Housing Selection. In the fall 2014 semester, they simply submit an Intent to Vacate Form (by November 30, 2014) in order to cancel their spring 2015 housing assignment.  Students who will be returning to the University as part of a Masters Program are welcomed back to residential housing and will need to follow the same procedures as undergraduates: to fill out a Housing and Dining Agreement and to select a room either during administrative or the March Housing Selection Days.

Students Planning to Study Abroad Fall 2014

Students who will be participating in a Fall 2014 study abroad program should not participate in Housing Selection. Upon returning in the Spring 2014, Fall 2013 study abroad students will be guaranteed housing but Residence Life cannot guarantee where students will be placed, nor can Residence Life hold a vacancy. Students wanting residential housing upon their return must submit a 2014 – 2015 Housing and Dining Services Agreement no later than January 1, 2015 for a Spring 2014 assignment.  If a student is waiting to hear back from a Study Abroad program for Fall 2014, he/she should fill out an Agreement and proceed with March Housing Selection Days; once the student hears back from their program, they should contact the Office of Residence Life immediately.  Note: this will not release the student from living on campus in the spring.

Administrative Processes

Eagle Landing Housing Assignment Process

Students wishing to live in Eagle Landing apply when completing their Housing and Dining Services Agreement online form within their EagleNet portal (available February 13 – 27).  Rising sophomores are also able to log into their Housing Agreement to apply for Eagle Landing housing.

Students must submit completed information including their roommate’s name, suitemates’ names, and floor preference.  All four students must complete their own online form and list each other in order to secure a suite in Eagle Landing through this process. 

A group of four current students consisting of two females and two males may choose to live together in one apartment (the females in one double room, and the males in the other double room).  Otherwise, both rooms of the apartment will be assigned by the same sex.

Residence Life staff will place applicants into an Eagle Landing housing assignment mid-March, and the students will not need to come in person to select their housing.  Students selecting to live in Eagle Landing, may choose the 90 block meal plan or higher.  Single rooms are not offered in Eagle Landing.  Students who live in Eagle Landing will only have the opportunity to park at the Eagle Village parking garage, if parking on campus.

Air Conditioned Housing

Students diagnosed with asthma or with allergies, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis in need of air-conditioned housing should submit an Air Conditioned Housing Accommodations request as some of the halls on campus are not equipped with central air conditioning.  These students should have a serious need and health concern in order to apply for accommodation in an air conditioned building.  Students in need of Air Conditioned Housing should read the information available here, and need to submit a request form by February 27.

Approved students will be notified, and given a time slot to select their housing assignment on the morning of Saturday, March 15 (see In-Person Selection Process below).  Students in homestead-eligible assignments will be permitted the option of homesteading into their space.

Housing Accommodations Assignment Process

Students in need of Housing Accommodations should visit the Office of Disability Resources website at URL http://academics.umw.edu/disability. Requests are due February 18.

Approved students will be notified, and given a time slot to select their housing assignment on the morning of Saturday, March 15 (see In-Person Selection Process below).  Students in homestead-eligible assignments will be permitted the option of homesteading into their space.

Homestead Option Assignment Process

Homesteading allows current undergraduate residential students living in certain designated spaces within upperclass buildings (except UMW Apartments and any first-year residence hall where  upperclassmen live such as Virginia) the option to keep their current room assignment for the 2014-2015 academic year. In order to be eligible for the Homestead option, the following requirements must be met:

  • The space is designated as a Homestead-eligible assignment.  Not all rooms within upperclass buildings are permitted to be Homesteaded due to a variety of reason such as the space was designated as a Conceptual Living Community, facilities work must be done in a specific area of the building, spaces are reorganized to benefit the community dynamic or meet specific needs of the University, and necessary housing accommodations are prioritized.
  • All residents must be eligible to participate in the 2014-2015 Housing Selection.
  • All residents, including any overfilled student, must be returning to the University for the 2014-15 academic year.
  • The room must remain filled with the residents at 100% capacity.  Students wishing to bring in a new person must have anyone leaving the room e-mail Residence Life from their UMW e-mail account indicating their decision to not return to the space for next academic year.
  • All residents agree to keep their current room assignments; room changes within the same building will not be permitted (with a rare exception given only in the case of a Conceptual Living Community space preventing the same room to be Homesteaded).
  • All residents have electronically submitted their Housing and Dining Services Agreement prior to submitting the online Homestead Form (available at https://orgsync.com/59554/forms/66700).
  • Current Eagle Landing may homestead with the understanding that they MUST remove their belongings and vacate the room no later than 10:00 a.m. Saturday May 3, 2014  and will be allowed to return in August during the Eagle Landing move-in date.
  • Current Willard Hall residents may not Homestead an adjoining suited room.

NOTE:  The Homestead option is reviewed annually by the Office of Residence Life, and policies are determined based on the anticipated housing needs of the University. Therefore, the Homestead option may be subject to change and may not be a viable Housing Selection option in the future.

Conceptual Living Community (Theme Housing) Assignment Process

See http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/clc for information on Conceptual Living Communities (CLCs).  Associate Director of Residence Life, Matt Troutman, will work with the leaders of groups approved as 2014-2015 Conceptual Living Communities to administratively assign all members.

Resident Assistant Employment and RA Roommate Housing Assignment Process

See http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/employment for information on Resident Assistant employment opportunities.  RAs are hired and assigned housing in February.  Prior to Sunday, March 16, roommates of RAs sign a RA Roommate and Housing Assignment Agreement (which they will receive from their RA roommate) to be administratively assigned.

Gender Neutral Housing

Students wishing to live in gender neutral housing apply when completing their Housing and Dining Services Agreement online form within their EagleNet portal (available February 13 – 27).  Rising sophomores are also able to log into their Housing Agreement to apply for gender neutral housing.  Students must submit completed information including any preferred roommate’s name, suitemates’ names, and floor preference.  Residence Life staff will place applicants into a gender neutral housing assignment.  It is likely all gender neutral assignments will be located in Madison Hall.

Note:  Some students may be interested in the Eagle Landing mixed-sex apartments option (see Eagle Landing Housing Assignment process).

In-Person Selection Process

Selection Number & Appointment Time

Students eligible to participate in Housing Selection will receive their Housing Selection Number and appointment time to go to Combs Hall 237. Combs Hall is located across from the George Washington parking lot, next to Jefferson Hall.  Students will need to present a picture ID card (preferably their EagleOne card), will need to be accompanied by their roommates (unless they are serving as their proxy).  Students who arrive past their schedule appointment time will be permitted to select at the end of the arriving time slot.

Housing Selection Numbers are generated based on the following criteria:

  • Rising class standing – We take your accumulated credits, add what you’re taking now in Spring 2014 and come up with your rising status.
  • On/Off Campus status – Those currently on-campus will have the opportunity to sign up before those who are currently off-campus within class standing and GPA group.
  • GPA Grouping – We will round your GPA to two places, then place you into one of 5 groups – 3.50 – 4.00, 3.00 – 3.49, 2.50 – 2.99, 2.00 – 2.49 and below 2.00. The higher the GPA group, the better (the lower) the housing selection number. Selection numbers will be randomly-generated within the GPA grouping.

Housing Selection Numbers will be emailed to students.  Students participating in the March 15 selection day will be emailed by 5pm on March 10.  Students participating in the March 22 selection day will be emailed by 5pm on March 17.  Students which have not received a number by 5pm on March 17 or have lost it, should Contact ResLife so staff can help.

Appointment times are then based off of the Numbers list.  Those with the top numbers will be assigned an appointment the afternoon of March 15.  All others will be assigned a time on March 22.

Selecting a Room During Selection Appointment

During the room selection process, all apartments and suites must be filled to 100% capacity. For example, a group of three students must select a three-person room or suite and will not be allowed to select a four-person room or suite.  Note: In Willard hall, suitemates will not be allowed to sign up.


Students should determine with whom they would like to live and form a group.  Students then compare individual Housing Selection Numbers and appointment times to determine who in the group has the lowest (best) number and earliest appointment. This is the number and time slot the group (all students) will use to select their housing assignment.

Students wishing to choose the UMW Apartments must have 60 credits each (previous credits plus current credits) at the time of selection; no student under 60 credits will be able to join a group in the UMW Apartments.  Summer 2014 credits will not be considered.

Any group member can select a room on behalf of all members of the group; however, the designated person must have submitted a Proxy form for everyone who cannot attend in their group.

During the room selection process, as other suites/apartments are being selected by students, there is the possibility that there may not be any more suites/apartments available to accommodate your group size. If this occurs, students must decide on how they are going to proceed. It is strongly recommended that alternate plans are discussed and these decisions are made prior to the Housing Selection appointment time.

If the group is unable to select a room because there are no available suites/apartments for the group size, the student and the group members will have to 1) break into smaller groups; 2) add another student to create a larger group; 3) or individually select a room as a single student based on individual Housing Selection Numbers.

Individual Students

Students that are not part of a group may select a space as an individual.  These students will only have the ability to choose an option room or a single room in Willard hall.

Option Rooms

Students are strongly urged to find a roommate and suitemates for the Housing Selection process.  However, limited Option Rooms are available to those students who come to their March Housing Selection Day appointment without roommates(s), thus unable to fill an entire room or suite.  These students will only have the choice of choosing a space in one of these Option Rooms if a space is available.  Limited Option Rooms will be available in Arrington, Ball, Custis, Eagle Landing, Marshall, Mason, and Westmoreland.  Spaces designated as Option Rooms may only be occupied by individuals not able to fill an entire suite.  The list of designated Option Rooms are below.  This list is subject to change – so review this page again prior to your appointment.
Important:  Click here to view spaces available (look for the legend to determine sex and number of spaces available).

Arrington:  105, 106, 108, 218, 315, 316, 319, 320, 405, 406
Ball:  Korean Exchange Program (KEP) – 103, 104, 110, 202, 209, 210, 216, 217.  Non-KEP:  102, 213, 301, 309, 310, 317, 318, 320
Custis:  104, 201, 206, 208
Eagle Landing:  104A, 104B, 108B, 27A, 127B, 129B, 219A, 219B, 300A, 314B, 400A, 400B, 426A, 426B, 501A, 501B, 529B, 530A, 530B
Link:  207
Mason:  217, 310, 321, 416, 426, 508, 519, 520
Marshall:  105, 107, 122, 202, 204, 220, 222, 305, 310, 312, 321
Westmoreland:  105, 107, 210, 213, 215, 305, 307, 310, 314

Resident Assistant Option Rooms
There are some Option Rooms available in Eagle Landing with Resident Assistants.  Students selecting these spaces will need to agree to the terms of living with an RA and sign the RA Roommate Agreement form after selecting.  Below are the spaces available.

Eagle Landing:  220B, 228B, 320A, 320B, 420B, 512B, 528A

Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  What if I turned in my Agreement past the deadline?
Answer:  If you submitted your Agreement late, you will be added to the end of the Housing Selection number list.

Question:  If at the end of the March Housing Selection Days, I want to change my assignment, how do I change it?
Answer:  It is important that you are prepared to make a choice about where you want to live when you come to your assigned Housing Selection Day session appointment.  If you want to make a change to your selection, all adjustments will be made during the summer, based on the limited availability and the needs of others needing assignments.

Question:  I want the 90 block meal plan – why was it not an option on my Housing and Dining Services Agreement?
Answer:  The 90 block meal plans are only available to Eagle Landing and UMW Apartments residents.  If you select to live in Eagle Landing on your Agreement, the option of a 90 block meal plan will be presented. If not, and you select to live in Eagle Landing or UMW Apartments at your March Housing Selection Days time slot, you may opt for the 90-block meal plan at the time of your selecting your assignment. You may change meal plans prior to the end of the second week of classes by making changes via your EagleNet portal.

Question:  I have not selected a preferred roommate. When will I be able to find out who I’ll be living with?
Answer:  Once your room is filled and all residents of the room are entered into Banner, you should be able to access their name(s) on Eaglenet.  Only roommates will be available; suitemates and apartment mates cannot be viewed in Eaglenet.

Question:  My chosen roommate has a lower (better) Housing Selection Number. Can I go with him/her to housing selection?
Answer:  Yes, you should go with him/her to their selected March Housing Selection Day appointment.

Question:  What happens if I cannot make it to my Housing Selection appointment?  Can I go with my chosen roommate?
Answer:  If you miss your appointment you may go with your chosen roommate to his or her appointment time slot; however, the spaces will be more limited because you missed your appointment.

Question:  I am unsure whether I’ll be attending UMW in the Fall due to transfer, study abroad, or another reason, should I still participate in housing selection?
Answer:  In the event you possibly may continue attending UMW, you should still participate in housing selection if you know you would have to live on campus because you have another year in your two-year Agreement or if you would want to live on campus. If you later decide you will be continuing at UMW, and you did not select during this process, spaces will be limited.  If you submit an Agreement and decide later that you will not be attending, you will need to notify Residence Life of your change in plans.  This is not applicable to students who wish to commute after signing up for fall housing.

Question:  I’m an off-campus student and want to live on campus. How do I do that?
Answer:  You will need to submit a Housing and Dining Services Agreement and pay a $250 housing deposit prior to going through the March Housing Selection Days. Deposits can be submitted at the Office of Residence Life in Marye House. You will be given a housing selection number and notified of your time to go through housing selection via email.

Question:  What is the housing deposit? When do I have to pay it? When do I get it back?
Answer:  All students who are accepted as on-campus students pay a $250 deposit in addition to their admissions deposit. That is held until you graduate or are no longer in UMW housing, whichever comes first. If you move back on campus after living off or studying abroad, and your deposit was refunded, you will need to resubmit a deposit to be considered for housing selection. If you currently live on campus, you already have a deposit on file.

Question:  I am on a residential scholarship. What do I have to do to secure housing?
Answer:  If you are a rising junior or senior, you will need to submit an online Agreement by the deadline. If you are a rising sophomore, you already have an Agreement on file however, you will need to log onto Eaglenet to update your records. You will receive a Housing Selection Number and will need to go through the March Housing Selection Days in order to select your housing.

Question:  What if I have additional questions not answered on this site?
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