Changes to Housing Assignments

Question:  When can changes to housing assignments take place?

Answer:  In the Fall semester, this can take place between the second week of the semester through the middle of November. In the Spring, housing assignment changes can take place the second week of the semester through the first week of April.

Question:  Are changes to housing assignments guaranteed?

Answer:  No, a change to a housing assignment is not guaranteed.  It is important for students to make wise decisions when selecting a housing assignment and when selecting other students to live with.  Only if a change is approved through the Residence Life process may a student move.  The move is contingent on availability of another space, which cannot be guaranteed.

Question:  What is the process for changes to a housing assignment?

Answer:  Students must begin by talking with a Resident Assistant assigned to their building or complex who will gather information and provide advice on how to proceed.  In most cases, an educational conversation or mediation between roommates will be necessary.  The Resident Assistant will consult with their supervisor in charge of the building or complex (see for the list of supervisors).  It is the philosophy of the Office of Residence Life to work with students on gaining the skills to handle difficult situations by empowering students to make wise decisions and communicate effectively.  Continuing the educational process outside of the classroom in the residence halls with roommates is an important life lesson requiring effort and focus by the students involved to come to a compromised solution.  If the situation becomes more difficult, the RA may continue communication with his/her supervisor, who may become involved.  As a last resort, the complex supervisor may eventually approve a housing reassignment based on the circumstances presented.  If the supervisor approves the housing assignment relocation, he/she will work with the student by offering available spaces.

Question:  A housing assignment change has been approved – now what?

Answer:  Approval to change a housing assignment must be given by a supervisor before the student proceeds with in the move process.  The student will receive a list of available spaces from the supervisor.  Spaces are limited.  It is the student’s responsibility to reach out to students in the available spaces to discuss compatibility and to set up a time to view the space.  Once the student has selected the space to move, he/she must communicate the decision with the supervisor.  Next, the student will receive an e-mail indicating the details regarding the move – letting the student know he/she will need to pick up a key to their new residence from the Eagle Landing front desk, remove all belongings from their current room, and turn in their old key to the Eagle Landing front desk after moving and cleaning their previous space.  The Resident Assistant of the new assignment will meet with the roommates to discuss their Roommate Agreement to ensure there is a focus on a productive living environment in the new space.

Question:  I have a vacancy in my room.  What do I need to do?

Answer:  During the academic year, if a vacancy occurs in a student’s housing assignment for any reason, the remaining student has the responsibility to immediately contact the Assistant Director of Residence Life for Housing and Operations if he/she would like to indicate a preferred roommate, provided it is during a designated housing assignment change period; if another student does not move into the space, it becomes available to any student approved to move.  All residents with an open space must accept a new occupant as assigned by the Office of Residence Life.  Students approved to relocate will have the opportunity to contact students with a vacancy to meet with them before choosing a new space.  While the Office of Residence Life attempts to give residents notice of a new roommate, emergencies take place that does not always permit timely communication. It is imperative  students with vacancies keep the space clean and available at all times, which means keeping the unused side of the room clear of all belongings, the beds separated, and the furniture placed correctly around the room.  Behavior which discriminates against or impedes an interested student or assigned occupant from selecting the available space will be considered sufficient grounds for disciplinary action, including reassignment or removal from the residence halls, without refund, as determined by the Director of Residence Life or his/her designee.

Question:  What if I move without the approval of the Office of Residence Life?

Answer:  All students involved in an unauthorized room change will be subject to disciplinary action and fines.

Question:  Is there a housing wait list?

Answer:  Yes.  Visit URL for more information.  This wait list is intended for students wishing to move for unique reasons such as campus proximity issues or type of room preference.

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