Framar House

Framar House is named for its former owners, Frank and Marion Reichel. Framar served as the president’s residence for two years. Framar is adjacent to South and behind Jefferson Hall. After being acquired in 1946, the house was commonly referred to as the “Spanish House” as it served as a home for advanced students majoring in Spanish.

The house is home to the International Living Center (ILC). Students are required to complete an application each spring to become or to continue to be a member of ILC during the next academic year. Framar is a mixed-sex building housing 21 students. All rooms within Framar have hardwood floors with dark-wood moldings. Rooms vary in size but are generally considered very warm and inviting for students. A large hearth in the central lounge, the heart of the hall, adds additional character.

Framar has a small house-like atmosphere where some rooms have hall baths and others have private baths. A fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, as well as a study lounge are located on the first floor.

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Every room in Framar House contains:

  • a wardrobe/closet (for each student)
  • a desk and desk chair (for each student)
  • an XL bed frame and XL mattress (for each student)
  • at least one dresser