Employment Opportunities

Resident Assistant

The Resident Assistant (RA) is an experienced UMW student who serves as a member of the Office of Residence Life staff, caring for and supporting UMW’s residential population.  Through their presence and outreach, RAs positively shape the on-campus living experience, while enhancing their own leadership skills (time management, interpersonal


communication, budgeting, public speaking, and conflict mediation). Few campus employment opportunities provide students with the scope and depth of this position.  Though the RA position requires a significant time commitment, RAs should be prepared for an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience where they can impact the lives of many students.

Senior Resident Assistant

Senior Resident Assistants (SRAs) serve many roles including: educator, community builder, role model, resource, peer mediator, advisor and administrator. Their main purpose is to create an engaging and supportive residence hall environment by fostering student learning and growth, building an inclusive community, forming personal relationships and encouraging residents and staff members to be accountable for their choices and actions in the pursuit of excellence.  RAs utilize a variety of methods to focus and align their efforts to the overarching educational priority that students will use critical thinking to make sound decisions. The SRA position is a paraprofessional position within the Office of Residence Life and Commuter Student Services. The SRA will receive direct supervision from his/her Graduate Assistant or Assistant Director & indirect supervision from other professional staff within the department.

Office Assistant

Office Assistants (OAs) serve many roles within the Office of Residence Life and Commuter Student Services in Marye House including staffing the front desk during business hours, serving as a resource, and working as a general office aide.  OAs work 10 hours a week so that students can get a feel for the office environment without encroaching on their studies.  Interested in becoming an Office Assistant?  Apply online at URL: https://orgsync.com/59554/forms/91165  Applications for Spring 2014 employment will close December 6.


Questions about being an RA? Watch our video!

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Resident Assistant Selection

RA Selection is divided into two parts: Grey takes place in the fall and selects RAs for the spring semester’s openings. Blue takes place in late fall semester and early spring semester and selects and places RAs for the next academic year. The information for Grey and Blue processes are listed below:

Grey process: Closed until Fall 2014.

Blue Process Information:

In addition to filling out the online application, the following items are mandatory:

o   Attendance at one of the information sessions

o   A reference from your current RA

o   Participation in group process

o   An hour-long interview

o   Attendance at the Reslife Open House is strongly suggested

Apply at URL: https://orgsync.com/59554/forms/86978


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