End of Year Closing May 2015 Information

Important Dates

Saturday, April 25 – Saturday, May 2 24-hour quiet hours in all residential areas
Saturday, May 2 at 10 a.m. Residence halls close for students (except graduating seniors) *
Friday, May 8 Graduate student Commencement
Saturday, May 9 Undergraduate Commencement
Sunday, May 10 at 10 a.m. Residence halls close for graduating students

* Only graduating students and those students with approval are permitted to be in on-campus (extended stay) housing after this date.

May Extended Stay Housing

See the extended stay  information at http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/extendedhousing.

24-Hour Quiet Hours

As the Spring semester winds down, there is one final push to complete final exams, projects, and papers.  All residential buildings follow 24-hour quiet hours from 12:01 a.m. Saturday, April 25 until Saturday, May 2.  Quiet hours are meant to provide a noise-free atmosphere so all spaces on campus can be academically-focused.  Students are asked to be considerate of their neighbors during this time by not being heard outside their rooms.  As students finish final exams and papers and prepare to move-out, they are asked to be aware that others are still in the process. Students who are disruptive to the community may be asked to leave and/or fined.

Charges to Avoid

Listed below are examples of some common charges (estimates and minimums).  Students should take action to avoid being assessed charges by properly checking out and leaving their residence in good condition.  Students charged which believed there was an error made in the charging process should review the information at http://students.umw.edu/residencelife/appeal.

Found in on-campus housing without permission $100 per day fine, plus judicial action
Improper or Late Check out $150
Key not returned at check out $100 residence hall, $135 Eagle Landing, $165 UMW Apartments
Removal of left belongings, trash, or recycling $25 per bag/small item (minimum)
Personal furniture removal $100 per item
Removal of adhesive tape, residue, or hooks from wall $25 (minimum)
Wall patching and/or painting $45 for partial wall and $90 per standard wall
Furniture repair $25 minimum, ranging to $125
Replacement of missing furniture $100 minimum (ranging upwards of $1,100 for more expensive items)
Additional cleaning required (room) $25 (minimum)
Excessive/additional cleaning required (apartment) $100 (minimum)
Kitchen cleaning (apartment-style residents)
     Refrigerator $50/resident
     Cabinets $25/resident
     Sink $25/resident
     Floor $25/resident
     Stove $50/resident

How to Clean Your Living Space

There are no on-campus storage options.  All residences are used over the summer by summer conference groups or for summer students.  Items may not be left in residences.  Students should not place belongings or trash in the hallway.  Items left in the hallway will be charged to the community if responsibility cannot be determined.  Recycling should be secured in bags and placed in the recycling Toters adjacent to the building.  Trash should be placed in outside dumpsters.  When moving out, students should not leave anything in the hallway unattended as it may be considered abandoned and be taken. Students must clean their living space as follows:

  • Carefully remove all tape, stickers, adhesive tape, etc. from walls, doors, ceilings, mirrors, and windows.
  • Clean off writing on doors, walls, desks, dressers, or chairs. Wash all furniture surfaces – chairs, desks, dressers, window sills etc. There should be no stains, black smudges, tape, or sticky spots left.
  • Place all furniture in the room, in its original place and condition. Bunked or lofted beds may remain (Facilities staff will later attend to them).
  • Bring all of your trash and recycling to the appropriate containers outside the building.  Do not sweep garbage into the hallway. Each resident will be billed for garbage/recycling or items left in the hallway, bathroom, or other common spaces.
  • Remove all personal belongings.
  • Sweep and mop entire room floor, if not carpeted. No dust bunnies or dirt should be left behind or under furniture.
  • Empty all drawers and wipe out all dust.

Handling Trash

There will be additional thirty yard waste containers (dumpsters) spread throughout campus for move-out use by April 25. Students should place large bulky items such as furniture and carpets in these containers.  Household type trash should be placed in the regular eight yard front-end containers located near every campus building. Students should recycle as much as possible.

Eagle Landing Trash
There will be two regular dumpsters at the rear of Eagle Landing for overflow trash and recycling.  Any bulky items or carpets at Eagle Landing should be placed next to the dumpsters.  If the trash or recycling chutes become blocked or unusable, students should take their trash and recycling to the dumpsters; it should not be left in the halls or elevators.

Donate Items to Goodwill at the Drop ‘N Go

UMW has partnered with Goodwill Industries International, Inc., and donation drop-off locations will be available on campus.  Students are encouraged to donate gently used unwanted items.  It is sustainable for the environment by avoiding landfills, and it helps those looking for that special item.

Mailbox Information

All students graduating, studying abroad, transferring, or withdrawing will need to submit a completed UMW forwarding form to campus mail services, as well as notify all correspondents their address has changed. Students should stop by the UMW Post Office in the Woodard Campus Center to submit a completed forwarding form.  These forms are available at the UMW Post Office and the Eagle Landing front desk.  Students staying on campus during the entire summer should not forward their mail.

Moving Out Tips

If you have friends or family assisting you with moving out, please share with them this helpful information.

  • Bring some muscle and a hand truck.  The move-in crew that may have assisted to move in will not be present to help move out (since student departures are staggered depending on final exams, etc.).
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Follow all parking policies (see below).  If parking in a temporary loading zone, move your vehicle as soon as possible so others can load their vehicles.

Parking Information
In preparation for residential student move out, Parking Management would like to work with students to complete a safe and efficient departure. Please see your Resident Assistant, or visit Parking Management in Lee Hall 201B to pick up a temporary parking pass to assist you with loading and departure if needed. Those needing passes may include, but are not limited to the following:

*Students with different decal designation needing added privilege or using unregistered vehicle for move out need a Temporary Dash Pass for the area needed. This can be obtained by the student from their Resident Assistant or from Parking Management. It will include a time limit for Faculty/Staff lots. The UMW Police Department will handle after hours Temporary Pass requests, if needed.

*Parents or others helping a student to move out with unregistered vehicles needing access to any space other than Visitor need a Temporary Dash Pass for the area needed. This can be obtained from Parking Management in Lee Hall. The student can also obtain one in advance from their RA if the exact time of arrival is known. It will include a time limit for Faculty/Staff lots. The UMW Police Department will handle after hours Temporary Pass requests, if needed.

Vehicles will not be allowed to drive on walkways, park on the grass, in Fire Lanes, Reserved, or Handicap spaces, etc. to load vehicles. However, Parking Management will provide temporary parking passes for lots located nearest the residence hall; cars without appropriate passes, or parked illegally will be ticketed.

How to Check Out

Each on-campus student is required to move out by:

  • scheduling (at least 24 hours in advance) a time to meet with their Resident Assistant to be checked out (this is time expected to depart campus)
  • complete a Checkout Form and hand it to a Resident Assistant at the time of Checkout

Students not doing this will be charged an Improper Checkout Charge of $150.  The Resident Assistant will complete the staff section of the Checkout Form with the student present while assessing the room’s condition.  The RA will then use the key to lock the door (to ensure the proper key is returned) and place the key in the envelope to finalize the check out process.  After professional Residence Life staff and Facilities Services staff later assess the space and compare the Room Condition Report  from move-in to the current condition, any determined charges will be assessed to the student’s account and communicated with the student.  Students with charges will receive information regarding how to appeal any disputed charges.  RAs are not authorized to provide estimates of charges and cannot guarantee charges will not be assessed to a student.

Before 10 a.m. Saturday, May 2:

Each student will need to schedule a check out appointment with an RA at least 24 hours in advance of the time the student plans to depart campus.  Each RA will communicate with their residents to invite them to schedule an appointment.  Because RAs have final exams, papers, and other important time commitments, they are not always immediately available.  If an RA is unable to check out their resident, another RA in the complex will be able to perform the checkout (the resident would need to schedule in advance).  Students departing between midnight and 8 a.m. should schedule a time the night before to have the RA assess the room, and make plans with the RA to return the key to them at departure time (for instance, by sliding the key in the key envelope under the RA’s door).

Beginning Wednesday, April 29, the Resident Assistant duty phones will be staffed during the daytime in addition to the evening.  From this date forward, those unexpectedly departing before a scheduled appointment may call their complex’s duty phone to request an RA to perform a check out (except between midnight and 8 a.m.).

Alvey/Arrington Complex 540-623-8254
Ball/Custis/Madison/Westmoreland Complex 540-623-8018
Bushnell/Jefferson/Framar/South Complex 540-623-8761
Eagle Landing Complex 540-623-0971
UMW Apartments Complex 540-424-4405
Marshall/Russell Complex 540-623-0769
Mason/Randolph Complex 540-623-0118
Virginia/Willard Complex 540-623-0901

Between 10 a.m. Saturday, May 2 – Friday, May 8:

Students not required to depart by May 2 at 10 a.m. who will check out of their residences between May 2 and May 8 will also need to check out with an RA.  Students should schedule an appointment with an RA at least 24 hours in advance of the time the student plans to depart campus.  Not every RA will be present – so check with another RA if your RA is unavailable.  Those departing before a scheduled appointment may call their complex’s duty phone to request that an RA perform a check out.

On Saturday, May 9 and Sunday, May 10:
Students departing on these dates without an RA check out appointment will check out as follows, depending on their residence location.

Eagle Landing:  Go to Eagle Landing front desk.  (Bring your Checkout Form with you.)
UMW Apartments:  Go to staff office in building 11.  (Bring your Checkout Form with you.)
All other locations:  Schedule with any available RAs or call your complex’s duty cell phone.

Monday, May 11 – Thursday, May 14:
During this period, students permitted to stay on campus which are departing will need to check out at the Eagle Landing Front Desk.  This desk will be open daily from 8 a.m. until midnight.

Friday, May 15:
Students permitted to stay on campus through May 15 with summer housing assignments in Eagle Landing will need to move on this date to their summer housing assignment.  Students will need to pick up their new key from Eagle Landing front desk between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., and move into their new assignment.  Before 6 p.m., they must return to Eagle Landing front desk their old key to properly check out.
Note: Students with summer housing in Eagle Landing who are not on campus on May 15 may pick up their keys from the Eagle Landing front desk or Saturday, May 16 or Sunday, May 17 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Eagle Landing Parking RFIDs

Students living in Eagle Landing with an RFID parking pass, which opens the parking deck gate, must turn in their RFID to the Eagle Landing front desk between the desk hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. and immediately before leaving campus. Students who will returning to Eagle Landing next year must return their RFID; a new RFID will be issued in the fall. Students not returning RFIDs will be charged $50.

Information for Graduating Students without housing deposits

Between Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3, Residence Life staff will enter residences of those without a housing deposit on file to assess and record the condition for damages.  These students will be notified in advance.  They will need to have their residence prepared and be ready to receive the staff to review the space.


Students should remember to keep their doors locked at all times. When packing and moving out, they should not leave their room or belongings unattended. There will be many people on campus during the last few weeks of the semester. Students’ safety and that of their belongings deserves special attention. Many universities see an increase in theft during this period of transition. Students should remember to not let others into the building without proper access.  Potentially suspicious activity should be reported to University Police by calling 540-654-1025.