Appeal Process for Housing Charges

Students assessed a charge from the Office of Residence Life may appeal the charge only if there is sufficient rationale for the request to be reconsidered.  Appeal requests for residential charges must be submitted on time by the student only via the form below.  All matters must be handled by the student, and without a waiver from the student, staff cannot discuss charges or appeal requests with parents, legal guardians, or others; this is to promote responsibility and “real-world-experience” to the student, and because the student often has information regarding the nature of the charge which the bill-payer may not know.  Submitting the form below will begin the appeal process.

All students were communicated end-of-the-year departure/residence hall closing expectations via a Resident Assistant floor meeting, a printed information handout, various EagleVision monitor informational series displays, and the promotion of the URL (containing an outline of the expectations) through nine e-mail messages (and other marketing materials).  It is the philosophical approach of Residence Life to educate students on a “real world” experience of departing a residence like they may do soon if renting an apartment.  Information is provided to teach students best practices to take proper steps in departing.  It is also important for the Facilities Services, Locksmith, and Residence Life staff for residences to be kept in good condition, keys returned, and expectations followed.  Upon checking out, staff assess the student’s checkout and residential space.  Charges are assessed for those improperly checking out, those leaving the residence in a condition less than when moving in (not cleaning, removing paint from walls, etc.), and those with missing/broken furniture.  For an explanation of Banner (student account) detail codes for housing charges, view at URL:

With the emailed notice of a housing fine or damage charge (which is done prior to the amount being assessed to the student’s account), a deadline is  provided by which an appeal request must be submitted.   Charges will be assessed to students’ Banner accounts after this date so Student Accounts may send bills.  Once an appeal request is submitted, a decision will be communicated via e-mail within ten business days.  Because it is a busy time for Residence Life staff, it is more efficient to avoid calling and emailing about damage charges.  

Housing Charge Appeal Request Form

  • Or another phone number where you can be reached.
  • Begins with "000"
  • Please denote "A," "B," or "C" for Eagle Landing or Apartments. For Eagle Landing suites, when standing at door to suite, the room on the left is "A," and the room on right is "B."
  • Charge AmountCharge Category (numerical)Charge Details (explanation of charge) 
    Add a row
  • For each charge you are appealing, type a VERY DETAILED rationale for your appeal request. This should include specific information why you believe this appeal request should be considered. If you know another student who should take responsibility for the charge(s), this information should be included.