Air Conditioned Housing Accommodations

Students diagnosed with asthma or with allergies, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis should submit an Air Conditioned Housing Accommodations request as some of the halls on campus are not equipped with central air conditioning.  These students should have a serious need and health concern in order to apply for accommodation in an air conditioned building.

For housing accommodation requests in addition to, or other than air conditioned housing, please refer to the Office of Disability Resources website.


Students must complete the form (family members should not submit the form).  Supporting documentation must accompany the request.  This is information from a medical professional (doctor or nurse practitioner) on either a prescription notepad or a note on letterhead should contain the student’s name, birth date, diagnosis, and air conditioned housing as a requirement for treatment.  The supporting documentation may be electronically attached to the request, or it can be faxed to 540-654-1527, or it can be mailed to:

UMW Office of Residence Life
1301 College Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

First Years

Click here to access the request form.

New Fall 2015 freshmen students may submit the Orgsync form after the building assignments have been made in June, if the student is placed in a building without air-conditioning but requires it for major health reasons.  This request will be to have a personal window unit installed (per specifications).


Click here to access the request form.

New Fall 2015 transfer students may complete the form after April 15, 2015 (due May 15, 2015 for full consideration of space).

Upperclass Students

Click here to access the request form.

Upperclass students requiring air conditioned housing accommodations must complete the Orgsync form no later than Monday, January 26, 2015 in order to have the paperwork processed prior to the start of Housing Selection.

Residence Halls

There are some residence halls rooms without central air-conditioning.

Residence halls which have central air-conditioning:

Eagle Landing
Alvey Hall
Arrington Hall
Willard Hall
UMW Apartments
Randolph Hall
Mason Hall

Residence halls which do NOT have central air-conditioning:

Virginia Hall
Ball Hall
Custis Hall
Madison Hall
Westmoreland Hall
Russell Hall
Jefferson Hall
Marshall Hall
Bushnell Hall
Framar House

Electrical Requirements

Some students are approved late in the process after assignments have concluded.  These students, if approved, will be permitted to bring their own air conditioner into the room, which will then be installed by UMW Facilities Services (at the request only from Residence Life). Maintenance on personal air conditioners will not be provided by UMW Facilities. If the student requests to have the air conditioner removed prior to the end of the year, there will be a $75 fee to re-install if requested.  Required specifications for units are:

  • 5,000 BTUs, max 7,000 BTUs
  • 115-120 volts with 8 amps maximum