Current Students: Termination of Housing Agreement

Housing and Dining Services Agreements may be viewed at URL  They are issued for the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters) for students entering in the fall.  Students entering in the spring semester are issued agreements for the spring semester only.  Residents may not cancel their residence hall contract to move to another facility not operated by UMW Residence Life, such as private off-campus housing.

The University may terminate the Agreement on non-disciplinary grounds when a student:

  • signs an Agreement in advance of enrollment and then becomes ineligible to enroll, or does not enroll in the University;
  • withdraws from the University or otherwise becomes ineligible to live on campus before the Agreement expires;
  • has documented health or psychological reasons or change in financial circumstances that necessitate the termination of the Agreement; or
  • leaves UMW during the term of the Agreement to pursue a study abroad program or off-campus internship.

Students whose Agreements are terminated on grounds described above will have 48 hours to vacate their residence after notification of Agreement termination is provided in writing.  Terminations initiated by residents even for these reasons are not automatic and require that the process below is followed.

The University and the student may terminate the Agreement by mutual agreement for compelling extenuating circumstances. Any request to cancel a Housing Agreement must be submitted by the student via the online form at URL  Reasons that may support an Agreement cancellation generally fall under three categories:  medical circumstances; financial hardship not present or known at the time of contract signing; and special or mitigating factors also not known at the time of agreement signing.  In presenting these circumstances, residents must make a reasonable case that their concerns cannot be alleviated by relocating to other residence hall accommodations.

The Agreement is also cancelled when a resident withdraws from the University.  However, residents withdrawing from the University must follow the separate withdrawal procedures designated by the Registrar and submit a request for Agreement cancellation to Residence Life.  The resident is responsible for all room charges according to the published agreement cancellation charges until the date of checkout, regardless of the date of withdrawal from the University.