UMW Fit Tip- Shin Splints

This week's fit tip discusses shin splints, a common injury among athletes. Watch to find out how you can stay pain free! #UMWFittip     … [Read more...]

UMW Fit Tip – Warm-ups and Cool-downs

Warming up prior to your workout and cooling down afterwards is imperative no matter the activity.  In this installment of our weekly fit tips, we will show simple ways of doing both.  #UMWFitTip … [Read more...]

Introduction to Mindfulness Course

Attention UMW students, faculty, and staff! Join us for a five week introduction to mindfulness course offered from March 11 to April 8. Learn how to reduce stress and enhance self-awareness through meditation! Click here for more information. … [Read more...]

UMW Fit Tip- Improving Treadmill Techniques

Using treadmills at the gym or in your home can be very useful - especially during seasons with extreme weather. If you use treadmills in your workout routine, check out these tips on how to use proper technique and improve your running.   … [Read more...]

Mindful Eating Workshop

When: Wednesday Feb. 12th 1-2pm Where: Lee Hall 412 Learn how to incorporate Mindfulness into your every day eating habits. This workshop will: introduce the topic of mindful eating, ways of reducing emotional eating, and how to take pleasure in the food that is nourishing you! Please bring your own snack. … [Read more...]

Fit Tip- Working Out During The Winter

Don't let the temperature outside affect your exercise schedule! It's important to keep your workout routine consistent in order to maintain a healthy body. Here are some workouts you can try this winter. … [Read more...]

UMW Fit Tip- Why Guys Should Do Yoga

Yoga isn't just for girls. There are many benefits that guys can receive from adding yoga into their workouts. Here's some tips about why guys should do yoga, and a couple of exercises to try at home.   … [Read more...]

UMW Fit Tip- Exercise Progression

When exercising, it’s very important to challenge yourself in order to see improvement. If we stick to the same routine regularly, we will likely see a plateau, or little change, in our results. Here are some tips on how to change up your routine … [Read more...]

Fit Tip – Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

If you set a New Year Resolution to become more active, lose weight, or just become a healthier person, follow these 4 simple steps that will make sticking with your goal a lot easier.   … [Read more...]

Fit Tip- Staying Stress-Free During Finals

Is all that studying getting to you during finals week? Check out these tips that have been proven to keep people stress-free! … [Read more...]