Multicultural Leadership Council

Multicultural Leadership Council (MLC) develops and strengthens the relationship among the different multicultural organizations on campus. Member organizations are unique in that they often serve dual roles to students, providing a support system for underrepresented students in addition to bringing programs, speakers, and events to the entire Mary Washington community. The MLC is a cohesive outlet for multicultural organizations to work together, support cultural programs, and to generally strengthen leadership skills. If you and your organization would like to join the MLC please contact Greta Franklin  at


Multicultural Student Organizations:




Asian Student Association (ASA) Gina Noh

Connie Smith

Black Student Association (BSA)

Filagot Taye

Marion Sanford
Brothers of a New Direction (BOND)

David Mercer

Eagle Bhangra

Upma Kapoor

Smita Jain Oxford

Islamic Student Association (ISA)

Aisha/Thikiri Yee

Mehdi Aminrazavi

Jewish Student Association (JSA)

Lila Spitz

Rachel Carson

David Rettinger

Latino Student Association (LSA)

Lilian Perez

Stephanie Martinez

Maria Bocaz

People for the Rights of Individuals of Sexual Minorities (PRISM)

Luke Battles

Mary Ellent Wendt

Gary Richards

Students Educating and Empowering Diversity (SEED)

Filagot Taye

Donald Rallis

Women of Color(WOC)

Jessica Robinson

 Greta Franklin


Other entities that participate in the

Multicultural Leadership Council:


Sponsoring Organization


International Living Community
Residence Life Theme Housing Community

Upma Kapoor


Diversity and Unity Coordinating Committee (DUCC)
Executive Cabinet Member of the Student Government Association (SGA)
 Christian Wiedow
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
Inter-Club Association (ICA)
Governing Body of Student Clubs & Organizations
Alter Egos Jeneka Holmes
Voices of Praise Brooke Turner
Talk to the Hand
African Student Union Ayida Getachew
Hip Hop Club
UMW Praise Dance Team Leah Slaughter
Feminists United on Campus Paige McKinsey
Students with Disabilities and their Allies (SDATA) Nicole Dobson