Honor System Guidebook and Constitution

“The honor system makes a lasting impression upon all who have the privilege of living under its influence. Its implementation is the proof that human conduct is responsive to the noblest type of influence; that of faith in our fellow man. As the embodiment of this principle, the honor system is indeed a way of life.”
–Dr. Edward Alvey, Dean Emeritus

Honor System Constitution & Guidebook 2017-18

Please note that the Honor System Guidebook contains both procedural information, explanations, and other information as well as the complete Honor Constitution.  The Guidebook portion is an interpretation of select articles and sections of the Honor Constitution meant for informational purposes only. In the event there is a conflict in the language between the Guidebook section and the actual Constitution, then the Honor Constitution shall prevail, and the student may not rely on the portion in the Guidebook that contains the conflict.