UMW Off Campus Student Services is committed to helping those who live off-campus have a successful experience at University of Mary Washington. We are dedicated to helping commuters feel connected and supported. Our programs and services are designed to provide you with opportunities to meet other commuters, be informed of campus events, make connections with campus units, staff and faculty, and have a resource when you have questions about off-campus living.

We recognize that off campus students come from all different walks of life. Some live at home, some are taking a class or two that interests them, and some are even returning to school after establishing a career. The Office of Transfer & Off Campus Student Services is here for ALL of YOU, and we want you to hear all your concerns. Please email Jess DeMers at jdemers@umw.edu or Chris Porter at cjporter@umw.edu with any questions, comments, or suggestions!

 Chris Porter

Director of Transfer & Off Campus Student Services

B.A., Thchrise University of Tampa –
Political Science

M.A., Bowling Green State University –
College Student Personnel




Jess DeMers

Graduate Assistant for Transfer & Off Campus Student Services

 B.A., University of Mary Wjessashington –

 M.Ed., University of Mary Washington –
ESL (in progress)