COAR Transportation

Center for Honor, Leadership, and Service Vehicles 

Please read the entire page before continuing to the COAR Van Request form at the bottom. It is important to understand the restrictions and requirements before requesting the vehicle.

Location of Vehicle:

Honda Odyssey Minivan: Seacobeck Hall Loading Dock. The van has a dedicated parking space marked with a blue placard that says “OSACS Van”.


Check out requirement:

Honda Odyssey Minivan: All student drivers must have gone through van familiarization through Parking Management or made other arrangements with the Director of Service to be trained. UMW employees do not require training. All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license. All drivers are insured by the UMW insurance policy.


How to reserve a CHLS vehicle:

Honda Odyssey Minivan: COAR Council can request through COAR staff. All other uses should go through the Director of Service. Please request at least 3 business days in advance.

Preference is given in the following order:
COAR programs
CHLS programs, events, meetings
All other university uses on a first-come basis


How to pick up a CHLS vehicle:

Come by CHLS (Suite 320 in the University Center) between 9 and 5 Monday through Friday to pick up the key or make specific arrangements with a CHLS/COAR staff member. Keys are located in a lockbox in CHLS. When you reserve your vehicle, you will be informed of the combination. Vehicles will be in their designated spots unless other arrangements have been made.


Using the CHLS vehicle:

The operator of the pool vehicle is subject to Virginia traffic laws as well as the rules and regulations of UMW. Any tickets incurred while driving either vehicle is the sole responsibility of the operator. The operator of a pool vehicle must remember that the state pool vehicle attracts attention which can be favorable or unfavorable depending on how the driver and passengers behave. Driving with courtesy and consideration for the public is of the utmost importance.


How to gas up the Honda:

If you are low on gas during business hours, Monday through Friday, please fill up the van at Facilities Services. Located off of Hanover Street, Facilities Services has their own gas pump and gas is provided at no charge to your program. Check in at the front office for the key to the padlock that is on the pump. Drive around to the back of the building into the fenced in area. The pump is located in the far left corner. Unlock the padlock at the pump and fill up the tank. Relock the padlock and return the key to the front office.

**If you need gas while away from UMW, please refer the Voyager card packet in the glove compartment. There is a card you can charge gas to as well as instructions on which stations you can purchase from. **


Emergency Roadside Procedure:

Honda Odyssey Minivan: Refer to the packet of Voyager information in the glove compartment. There is a phone number (866-857-6866) to call and instructions to follow that. Please save this number on your phone in case you lock/lose the key.

After you’ve read this page, click this link to navigate to the myUMW COAR Van Reservation form.