Weekly Programs

COAR Programs 2016-2017

Here is a list of all our programs for this school year! To reserve your spot to volunteer, make sure to sign up on MyUMW!

Our programs are all student-lead and depend on dedicated UMW volunteers for their success in reaching out and serving our community.

*If you have questions about the programs, please contact the Council Leader listed below each program.*

Alternative Break Trips

Alternative Spring Break: Spend your Spring Break working on a Habitat for Humanity site alongside other college students from across the country. This year’s locations will be announced  by November. Check out previous trips here!

For more information, contact Christina Eggenberger (ceggenbe@umw.edu)


Therapeutic Horseback Riding: Like horses?  Come volunteer at Hazelwild Farm and spend some time rehabilitating children and adults with disabilities while working closely with horses.

Council Leader: Jordan Chandler and Linnea Harding-Scudder

Contact Information: (jchandl2@mail.umw.edu); (lharding@mail.umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30 pm

Childhood Involvement

Bragg Hill: Volunteers participate in one-on-one tutoring with underprivileged kids in grades 1 –9.  Once the children finish their homework, volunteers play with the kids in the gym, read, do puzzles, or play board games.

Council Leaders: Anika Hussain and Kyra Watkins

Contact Information: (ahussain@mail.umw.edu); (kwatkins@mail.umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: Monday and Wednesdays 3:50 – 5:10 pm

Heritage Park Mentoring and Tutoring: The Heritage Park Community Center provides several services for at-risk youth: Homework Club, Girl’s Club, and Boy’s Club. Become a tutor or mentor for these students and you will help make a difference in their lives!

Council Leader: Tori Power

Contact Information: (vpower@mail.umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: Mondays 3:45-5:05 pm (volunteer time is 4-5)

Hope House (Mom’s Time):  Spend time tutoring children for an hour and then playing with the children during “Mom’s Time” at this transitional living facility in downtown Fredericksburg.

Council Leaders: Megan Turner

Contact Information: (mturner2@mail.umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-6:00 pm

Thurman Brisben Center:  TBC provides critical services to homeless individuals and families in the Fredericksburg area.  Volunteers are needed to assist with various activities for children.

Council Leaders:  David Levinson and Kimberly Garcia

Contact Information: (umwtbc@gmail.com)

Weekly Meeting Times: Thursdays from  6:45- 8:30 pm

The Environment

Downtown Greens: If you love gardening and are interested in beautifying our community, this program is for you. Help make Fredericksburg beautiful!

Council Leader:  Courtland Lyle

Contact Information:  (rlyle@mail.umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: Every Saturday 10am-12 pm (Spring semester start in March)

Environmental Awareness and Action: Interested in helping the environment or educating the public on how to save the Earth? This program integrates environmental projects including river cleanups and collaboration with the Ecology club.

Council Leaders: Ashley Peacock and Meredith Palumbo

Contact Information: (apeacock@mail.umw.edu) ; (mpalumbo@umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: Friday 2-3:30 pm and Saturdays in October

Food Justice

Food Bank: Help feed the needy by volunteering once a week at the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank by organizing food shelves and preparing care packages.

Council Leader: Kira Tucker

Contact Information: (ktucker2@mail.umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00 pm

Food Recovery Program: This is the second year for this program. The volunteers in this program work with the Dining Services on campus, collecting food after hours and donating it to the hungry and homeless in the area.

Council Leader: Eliza Moreno and Kayla Thompson

Contact Information: (mmoreno@mail.umw.edu); (kthomps5@mail.umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: Monday and Wednesdays 7:45-8:45 pm

Mentoring/Building Relationships

Bigs in Schools: Partnered with the Rappahannock Big Brothers/Big Sisters Association, UMW students are paired with a student from a local elementary or middle school to mentor them after school during the week.

Council Leader: Madison Wright

Contact Information: (mwright4@mail.umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3:15-5:00 pm (TRAINING INVOLVED PRIOR)

Young Women’s Leadership Program (YWLP): A mentoring program for adolescent girls at risk for poor academic, social, and/or emotional outcomes. It pairs college women with middle school girls for a semester of mentoring and leadership skill development.  (Volunteers must first go through a semester long training period).

Council Leader:  Clara Ludtke

Contact Information:  (cludtke@mail.umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: Once a week from 2:30 – 5:30pm

Christian Relief Services: Christian Relief Services helps package food, water, medicine, and medical supplies and send them off to places in America and various locations in the world.

Council Leader: Ben Purdy

Contact Information:  (bpurdy2@mail.umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: MWF, 2-3  pm; depends on the week


Refugee Services

Refugee Tutoring: A tutoring program through Catholic Charities where you will tutor, converse, and help resume build with refugee’s in Fredericksburg.

Council Leader: Lizzy Wainer

Contact Information:  (ewainer@mail.umw.edu)

Weekly Meeting Times: Tuesday 3:45-5:15 pm

Can’t find anything on this list, but still want to volunteer? Stop by the COAR Office on the third floor of the University Center in CHLS Suite 320! There are always plenty of events going on that we need volunteers for!

Need to request a van? http://www.umw.edu/facilities/transportation_services/default.php