Meet the Student Coordinators


Blair Gruendl

nest coordinaters 1Major/Minor: Women’s and Gender Studies

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

What was your favorite part of NEST: I think my favorite part of NEST has to be tubing down the Rappahannock River, it was so much fun.

Why did you want to be a Student Leader: I become a Student Leader so that I could give incoming students the same positive experience that my Student Leader gave me.

Advice for incoming students: Join a club, try new things and definitely get to know your professors.

Fun fact: I play hooker and flanker for the women’s rugby team.

Chris Hiponia

nest leaders 11Major/Minor: Geography

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

What was your favorite part of NEST: Meeting new people and helping others become more comfortable during the transition into college.

Why did you want to be a Student Leader: I enjoyed my experiences with the NEST Program the last two years and felt that my experience could help further grow the program as a whole.

Advice for incoming students: Always put school first, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself every so often.

Fun fact: I am the goalie for UMW’s unofficial club roller hockey team in the local Fredericksburg house league.

Madison Winters

nest leaders 10Major: Biology/Anthropology

Hometown: Virginia Beach

Favorite part of NEST: My favorite part about NEST  was being able to meet people before school started.  I began the year with a group of friends because of NEST.

Why did I want to become a student leader: I wanted to be a program coordinator because I wanted to continue to help with the NEST program because I had such a great time as a Student Leader.

Advice for incoming students: My advice would be to find the balance of social and studies.  Don’t neglect your work, take time to study, but also find time for friends and breaks.

Fun fact: I love to read, my favorite book is The Secret Garden.