• What is the cost and what does that include?
    • Registration fee is $300 and that covers everything.  The student will not need to spend anything out of pocket.
  • Where do I register?
    •  Registration for NEST will open soon, check back for more details!
  • Can commuter students attend?
    •  Yes.  They are assigned a small group and participate like any other student.
  • Can my student participate if they can’t attend for some portion due to vacation, other early arrival program or other circumstances?
    • No.  Students must be available for the entire 4 days.
  • Is my student moving into their permanent room when they arrive or do they have to move again at the end of NEST?
    • The student moves into their permanent room when they arrive for NEST.
  • What time are we expected to arrive?
    • Check in is between 9 AM and noon.  Students have until 4 PM to move in before the first activity.
  • When do parents leave?
    • Parents are encouraged (but not required) to stay for the welcome at 4 PM and are asked to depart immediately following.
  • What does my student do if they don’t want to participate in a particular activity?

    • Tubing the river – The student will accompany NEST staff and help set up for the BBQ
    • Challenge Discovery – Students can opt out of any activities they are uncomfortable with and watch their group and staff and rejoin when they feel comfortable
  • Will students be alone in their residence hall during NEST?
    • No.  The staff Residence Assistant for that floor is in place and available.  Additionally there are other early arrival programs going on so it is very likely there will be other students on the floor as well.
  • What will my student be doing during NEST?
    • Day one: Move-In, Ice Breakers, Welcome Dinner, Scavenger Hunt on Campus and Downtown
      Day two: Leadership: Challenge Discovery, Field Day, Capture the Flag
      Day three:  Service: Service Projects, Tubing  on the Rappahannock River, Dinner with the President
      Day four: Social Justice: National Museum of African American History in D.C.


Have a question that isn’t listed? Email us at orientation@umw.edu