Living and Learning Community


What is “VISION!”?

Throughout history one thing has set great leaders apart from the rest, VISION!  Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream for equality, Ghandi lead a movement for independence, JFK sent us to the moon.  Leadership is both art and science; leaders are not born, but rather molded by their experiences.  Members of the VISION! living and learning community will participate in interactive programs, workshops, team building exercises, and projects designed to help them mold their individual leadership skills and create their unique VISION!


Who can participate?

The VISION! community is open to all UMW students who are open-minded and have a sincere desire to be successful leaders. No prior leadership experience is necessary for membership. In order to be considered for Fall 2012 community membership, complete the attached application and essays.  The VISION! Community will be limited to 20 members.


Program Components:

  • Ongoing Programming (participation in 3 per semester)
  • Leadership Course