Leadership Cord

Elected Bodies

Students who have served at least one year in good standing on any campus wide elected body (SGA, Honor Council, JRB, Class Council) during their time at UMW are eligible to receive the leadership cord.  Advisers will notify graduating seniors that they are eligible for a cord.  Advisers do not need to complete an application/nomination form.  Students must confirm their eligibility with their adviser and receive the ticket from them to purchase the cord at the UMW Bookstore.

Student Workers

Supervisors can approve their student workers for the leadership cord based on their contributions to the mission of the office where they serve. There is no limit to the number of students a supervisor can select but students should only be selected who have contributed significantly beyond their day-to-day responsibilities. Supervisors will notify their student aides that they are eligible for a cord.  Supervisors do not need to complete an application/nomination form.  Student workers who are interested in receiving a cord, please speak with your supervisor to obtain a ticket which you will show at the UMW bookstore when purchasing your cord.

Peer Nomination

A formal leadership position is not required for this cord. A maximum of 30% of your club’s graduating seniors are allowed to receive this cord per year. Thus, if you have 10 graduating seniors, 3 may receive the leadership cord for your club. Clubs with five or fewer graduating seniors will be awarded one cord.

The recipients of these cords are determined entirely by club vote. You must hold a vote of your members to determine the recipients, and five club members will sign the approval form to affirm that this vote has taken place. This vote can be in person, electronic, or however you choose, but if there is no vote, no one from your club will be eligible to receive a leadership cord for your club.

Please complete the form at the link (https://orgsync.com/59560/forms/259993) with the following information:

  • All graduating senior in your club;
  • Those seniors who have been selected by your club’s vote to receive the cord;
  • The names of club members affirming that the vote did take place and that those listed above are the selected recipients of the cord.


If any adviser or supervisor is in need of grad cord tickets, please contact CHLS at (540) 654-2272 or chls@umw.edu and we will e-mail you a printable version.