Graduation Cords

If you are interested in receiving a graduation cord, please complete the following steps:

  1. Determine which graduation cord you are eligible for;
  2. Go to the designated department to receive your ticket;
  3. Take the ticket issued to the bookstore to purchase your cord.  Cords are approximately $10 each.

NOTE: The Athletics Department purchases cords for qualified students. Members of the SGA Executive Cabinet and other students elected via campus-wide election will receive a blue and gray wrapped cord at the Transition Ceremony on Thursday, April 19.

Email questions to

                                                                                 GRADUATION CORDS INFORMATION                                                                      

 Recipient Cord  Point of Contact
Athletics (Grey)
Varsity Athlete


Graduating Seniors who are on a roster of student-athletes on a varsity team

Campus Recreation Sport Club (Red)
Club Athlete


Documented active membership for minimum of one year on a Campus Rec sponsored club athletic team

Campus Recreation
James Farmer Multicultural Center (Purple)


Documented active membership for minimum of one year in a JFMC sponsored student organization with a current roster on file in MyUMW

Leadership (Green)
Student Club Leader/Student Employees


Employment on campus as a student worker or a student club leader (ie. club president, vice president, etc.)

 Supervisor or SAE
Service (Light Blue)


Complete at least 50 hours of community service in the Fredericksburg area or on UMW sponsored trips while enrolled as a full time student. This cord is intended to highlight students who have a shown a commitment to service during their time at UMW and who have filled a greater community need.

**Community service does not equate to participation in an activity that you do not get paid for. Volunteering for internally focused campus events does not count.

Hours served as part of an academic requirement, judicial sanction, or court ordered service do not qualify. Please visit this link for more information on how to obtain a Community Service Graduation Cord.

CHLS Director of Service or COAR staff
Club Involvement (Orange)




Documented active membership for minimum one year in an ICA-recognized organization or club with a current roster on file in MyUMW

Veterans (Intertwined:Red, White Blue)


Veteran status confirmed with the University (student declared veteran status on the university application or is using GI Bill benefits). Student picks up cord at the Bookstore after showing proof of identification.


CHLS/Off-Campus Student Office