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Golda Eldridge leads a talk during the 2013 Leadership Colloquium

Eagle Gathering

LLC Mount Vernon Trip

Nissan Leaf- The 100% electric car donated to CHLS by Pohanka Nissan

Chalkboard Discussion: What does the Constitution mean to you?

Back lawn of Mt Vernon LLC Trip

Fred W Smith National Library, LLC Mt Vernon Trip

Students attend a StrengthQuest session at the 2013 Leadership Colloquium

UMW students wrap boxes for the HeadStart gift-box drive!

Volunteers painting a fence at the cemetery during Into the Streets

Giving gift-boxes to children at HeadStart

2014 Eagle Awards

CHLS takes a trip to New Zealand, Summer 2015! Sign up through COE!!

Come visit us in the lower level of Seacobeck Hall!
Check out one student’s testimony of her experience attending the National Center for Student Leadership Conference: “I would recommend this conference to anyone in a leadership role, whether that be RAs, OLs, SGA, or club leadership. The lessons and speeches given were widely applicable to all leadership roles.”- Sarah Rogers, ’17


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