Parents FAQ

Our staff members do not initiate phone calls, emails or room visits to students. We will however, schedule a timely appointment, whether for consultation or for counseling for any student, who makes a request. Likewise, parents cannot schedule appointments for their student; the student must set up the appointment him/herself. We handle appointments in this way for several reasons. First, participation in counseling is both a personal choice and a personal responsibility. Students are also likely to have busy schedules that include obligations beyond class attendance. Each student knows his/her daily schedule most fully and is in the best position to schedule sessions at convenient times. If you believe your student is reluctant to call CAPS, we would be happy to consult with you individually about your concerns.

My student is taking psychotrophic medication. Can CAPS staff prescribe medecine?

No. As licensed mental health professionals, our staff members do not prescribe medication of any kind. Although the University does not provide psychiatric services, CAPS staff can help your student locate a psychiatrist or other physician in the community. In some instances, your student and his/her psychiatrist or primary care physician at home can coordinate medication refill needs with the UMW Health Center and its pharmacy services. You may contact the Health Center at 540.654.1040 for additional information.   See also our guide, Mental Health and the College Experience, for more information.

Can the CAPS staff provide excuses for missed classes or provide documentation so my student can drop a course/receive an incomplete?

With the student’s permission in writing, our staff will document a student’s participation in counseling sessions ONLY. COurse withdrawls, “incompletes” and other academic determinations are handled by the class instructor, the student, and Academic Services. Our staff does not make such requests nor do they make recommendations about such requests.