President: Marcus Mitra

The UMW Club Tennis team is a co-ed sports club that is proud to bring students at the University an opportunity to play tennis at both competitive and noncompetitive levels.  Founded in 2006, the club has worked its way up in the national club rankings to be one of the top five division III schools in club tennis, and one of the top 60 tennis clubs in the nation.  We have three practices a week in the fall and spring, and one a week in the winter.  There are no mandatory practices, matches, or competitions, and the team does not make cuts unless you do not play club dues.  Players can challenge up ladders to earn the right to play in matches and USTA events.  We play both conventional tennis and USTA world team tennis club competitions, including Mid-Atlantic Sectionals each spring.  Anyone of any skill level is welcome to come to practice and try it out, just email one of our captains.