Long Term Guests (+1s)

Current students, faculty/staff, and alumni members are able to sponsor a long-term guest. For faculty and staff, it is called a “secondary cardholder,” for students and alumni they’re called a +1. Please follow the instructions below to

To purchase or renew a paid membership, you need to have a profile in our new online member portal. To create your profile, follow these instructions:

    1. Visit campusrec.umw.edu
    2. Click “Sign Up if you don’t have a local account.”
    3. Complete the fields in the questionnaire then click “Register”.
    4. IMPORTANT STEP: E-mail campusrec@umw.edu stating, “Hello. My name is (first name) (last name). I just created a new +1/Secondary Cardholder profile online using (email address) and (username). My UMW sponsor is (first name) (last name).” Our staff have to manually mark your profile as a Secondary Cardholder, Student +1, or Alumni +1 and after they do this, you will receive an email stating that your profile is approved to make purchases online.

Once you have a profile, please follow these steps to get your membership:

    1. Visit campusrec.umw.edu again and log in to your account using the appropriate username and password you set during registration.
    2. From, the home page, click on the “Memberships & Passes” button.
    3. Click on the pass you would like to purchase.
    4. Follow the steps to checkout, which does include visiting an external site that processes your payment.
    5. Once your payment is successfully submitted, you should get a success and confirmation page.
    6. Upon your next visit to the Fitness Center, inform the staff that you have purchased a membership and you need your Fitness Center ID card. If you have received an EagleONE ID from the university (Secondary Cardholders), then that card can be applied to your profile. Otherwise, the Fitness Center staff can print you an ID card at the front desk, they will just need to take your picture, so come prepared!