FAST Fitness Classes

Many faculty and staff have requested to take classes with other faculty and staff, led by veteran instructors and during convenient times. Therefore, Campus Recreation is now offering a private drop in schedule just for you! The FAST Pass grants faculty and staff (get it?) access to a private fitness schedule in addition to the regular fitness classes that are open to the entire UMW community. Spring 2018 FAST classes are free over spring break: March 5-8.

Join the Facebook event for the spring break free week to see who else is going, and to help us spread the word!


The FAST Pass is normally $75 for the semester, but as of March 1 2018 there is a spring break sale! The discounted passes are $40 until the end of the semester and include:
– An exclusive fitness schedule available to only faculty and staff (5 faculty/staff only classes)
– Access to all classes on the full spring 2018 group fitness schedule (over 30 additional classes)

Drop In Rate
If you are interested in taking a class on the schedule and do not wish to purchase the entire FAST Pass, the Drop-In Rate for non-pass holders is $5 per class paid in person at the Fitness Center prior to the class.

How To Purchase Your FAST Pass

1. Go to
2. Click “Log In” in the top right corner of the webpage.
3. Click the BLUE button that says “Sign in with UMW Net ID and Password”
4. Enter your UMW username and current UMW password.
5. Once you’re logged in, on the home page, click the “Memberships and Passes” icon.
6. Select “Spring 2018 FAST Pass”
7. Follow the steps to make your payment. Please note that you WILL be taken to an external site to make your payment. You must submit your payment and continue moving through the steps until you see a Successful Payment Confirmation page.

If you have issues, please email

How To Pre-Register For A Class

If you wish to save your spot in a fitness class, you can! Here’s the catch – you MUST show up as space is limited, especially in our cycle classes. If you realize you can no longer come to a class you registered online for, please CANCEL your online registration. Instructions for cancelling your registration are below.

24 hours in advance, you can claim your spot in a fitness class.
1. Go to
2. Click “Log In” in the top right corner of the webpage.
3. Click the BLUE button that says “Sign in with UMW Net ID and Password”
4. Enter your UMW username and current UMW password.
5. Once you’re logged in, on the home page, click the “Group Fitness” icon.
6. Select the name of the class you’d like to register for.
7. Follow the prompts.

If you know you can no longer make a class, we ask that you surrender your spot in the class as soon as possible.
1. Go to
2. Click “Log In” in the top right corner of the webpage.
3. Click the BLUE button that says “Sign in with UMW Net ID and Password”
4. Enter your UMW username and current UMW password.
5. Once you’re logged in, in the top right corner, click your username.
6. Click on “Profile”
7. Along the left menu, click “Programs”. here you will see your current and past class registrations.
8. Next to the upcoming class you are registered for, click the button that says “Cancel.”
You are all done! Thank you for opening up a spot for another patron!

Group Fitness Program Policies

As a UMW group fitness participant, we ask that you read and understand the following policies:

1. All group fitness participants must check in at the front desk of the Fitness Center prior to attending any fitness class.
2. All group fitness participants must tell the front desk staff what class they are attending so they can obtain the physical Group Fitness card which is to be handed to a staff member or instructor in the room where the fitness class is being held.
3. All participants must be a “FAST Pass” holder to attend Faculty/Staff fitness classes at UMW, besides during “Free Weeks” at the beginning and end of every semester.
4. All participants must wear appropriate attire, complete with athletic shoes and a shirt,
5. A participant must be present for the warm up in order to attend the class. Participants arriving to a class more than 5 minutes late, after the warm up has ended, will not be admitted into the class as it is unsafe to exercise without properly warmed muscles, gradual heart rate increase, and proper pre-class instructions from the instructor.
6. Participants are advised not to enter a group fitness room if the door is closed as the class has begun and opening the door (especially for yoga classes) can be distracting.
7. Participants who pre-register for a class online and do not show up to more than two classes without canceling their online registration will be contacted by a Campus Recreation professional staff member.

Instructions For Attending Your First FAST Class

1. Make sure you’ve purchased your FAST Pass at During “free weeks”, no pass is needed. In spring 2018, classes are free January 22-26.
2. Pick the class you want to attend by viewing the FAST fitness schedule on our website:
3. Grab your athletic shoes, clothes, water bottle, and EagleONE ID.
4. Head to the Fitness Center 10-20 minutes before the class starts.
5. Hand your EagleONE ID to the front desk staff to check in and tell them what class you’re checking in for. That staff member will hand you a pass for your class as long as you indeed have purchased your group fitness pass.
6. Walk to your class location and give the staff member at the door the pass you received from the front desk staff.
7. Get ready to have fun!

Class Descriptions

FAST Cycle
For Faculty and Staff Only: Cycle is a great cardiovascular and leg strengthening workout on a stationary bike.

For Faculty and Staff Only: Step involves the use of a portable block where participants step on and off of it to different beats and exercises.

FAST Strength
For Faculty and Staff Only: Strength uses dumbbells to strengthen all muscle groups in the body. This class is great for bone, muscle, and joint health!

For Faculty and Staff Only: Yoga allows you to work on flexibility and strength of the mind and body through a series of poses and gentle movements.

Meet Your FAST Instructors

Bill Brooks took his first yoga class while in college and has found the practice to bring joy, vitality, and contentment to his life. He received his yoga training (RYT 200) through the Integral Yoga Academy and has been teaching for several years. Bill’s classes are informed by his philosophy that the body is designed to be used, not abused. He guides his students to relate to their yoga practice with awareness and kindness. Bill is also a certified meditation teacher through the Meditation Teacher Training Institute. Bill joined the UMW Campus Recreation group exercise staff during the fall of 2012.

Erin Hill is a UMW alum and current graduate student pursuing her MBA. She first started taking pilates classes when she was 13 years old because of a back injury, and later got into high intensity classes. During her time as an undergrad at Mary Wash, Erin became a Pilates and cycle instructor and thrives on creating a personalized workout experience for each of her participants.

Leslie Nichols has been teaching group fitness since 2006 and is certified through AFAA. She loves teaching core, strength, and cardio classes – all with a focus on better preparing her participants for day-to-day life. Leslie’s family moved to Fredericksburg in 2015, and she has really enjoyed getting to work with the UMW community.

Kelly Shannon is the Director of Campus Recreation and has years of experience teaching fitness classes, inlcuding pilates, cardio kickboxing, step, strength, and cycle.